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Having monitored the Armenian blogosphere for almost 1 year now I can state with full confidence, that the most vivid Armenian blogging community is based on the LiveJournal blogging platform. As the Armenian blog review with its two versions: English and Armenian (the latter is temporarily halted) is intended primarily as a service to the Armenian blogosphere, I find it most appropriate to establish a mirrored LiveJournal version of this blog which will from now on be available at http://ditord.livejournal.com – closer to where the most bloggers are. However, as I like the WordPress interface so much better, I will continue to work primarily at this WordPress version of the Armenian Observer.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. What concerns me about this is that by mirroring the site you are splitting the comments and discussion between the two sites. I would consider that it would be better to choose just one platform and leave it at that or otherwise the real plus of blogging — initiating discussion between people who would not otherwise talk — is lost. This is especially significant when you consider Armenians here and in the Diaspora.
    Perhaps you can use the Live Journal site as your main one so it fits in with that community and post some links to the full posts from here. To be honest, the only reason why I would consider you doing so is so the WordPress site feeds into Google while everyone is effectively pointed towards the LJ site for reading and commenting. Then they can bookmark or subscribe to the feed from the LJ site if they want.

  2. BTW: I didn’t realize that Live Journal was owned by the same guys who market Typepad.
    Maybe they’ll make LJ more like a scaled down Typepad-driven community site in the future with all the benefits of platforms such as that and WordPress.

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  4. This is still an experiment at this point – and all comments/suggestions are really welcome.

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