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Artur Baghdasaryan Speaks on Public TV

On a rare occasion Artur Baghdasaryan, leader of “Rule of Law” (Orinats Yerkir) opposition party spoke on Public TV “Europolis” Program yesterday evening. The content of the program is really irrelevant – although Artur Baghdasaryan was discussing presidential candidates, speaking of the level of freedom in Armenia vs. Georgia, developments around Gala TV, etc. The fact is – I hadn’t seen Artur Baghdasaryan on Public TV since the closure of the 2007 Parliamentary election campaign, when the broadcast sphere is regulated by law and enforces the right of all political figures to appear on Public TV on a more or less balanced manner. In fact, I hadn’t seen Artur Baghdasaryan on any TV program, except a rare program on Yerkir-Media TV (broadcast on October 31).
This is how Television works in Armenia – you sing praises to top executives (President, Prime-Minister), criticize the middle-low class beurocracy, and ignore ‘dangerous’ opposition (i.e. opposition which poses political threats to the incumbent authorities).
The moment an opposition figure speaks on TV, especially on the Public TV (which is by far the most popular and powerful TV company in Armenia), you can conclude that:
1) either the opposition figure in question has tied a deal with the authorities and will be working with them to a certain degree to split the power of opposition (Artashes Geghamyan, Stepan Demirchyan are all examples of such figures).
2) the opposition candidate does not pose any threat to the authorities anymore.
Following from all of the above, and taking into consideration the fact, that Artur Baghdasaryan has once already deceived the authorities, I find it unlikely that he would be invited for a new deal. Hence I can conclude, that from the point of view of the authorities Artur Baghdasaryan and “Rule of Law” party pose no more threat. Hence his marvelous appearances on TV. Go figure…