Raffi Hovhannisyan Will Answer Your Questions

 A1plus blog has an interesting initiative: the head of “Heritage” party Raffi Hovhannisyan will be the guest of the A1plus blog this Saturday. If you have any questions to Mr. Hovhannisyan, please feel free to leave your questions on the relevant entry at the A1plus blog. You can also leave your questions (if they are in English) here, on this entry, and I will gladly pass them on to A1plus and will help translating if necessary.

Photo by A1plus.

A Couple of Top Tens

The trip to Istanbul last week and the need to catch up with the lost time kept me away from blogging last week. However, reading through a whole week’s worth of accumulated blog posts proved a worthy task. At that, I want to announce, that I’ll be starting to post my list of most active and most interesting blogs every week. This is of course subjective and unreliable, and I’m doing it mostly for me, as well as “promoting” by hyperlinking, the blogs which I think are very active, and tell them I appreciate all the hard blogging they’re doing.

So, here’s come’s Observer’s Top Ten List of Active Armenian blogs.

  1. ArmenianHouse.org
  2. Oneworld Multimedia
  3. Happy Alone
  4. Aramazd
  5. Kornelij Glas
  6. ЖЖитейские записки
  7. Blogian
  8. Hyelog
  9. Дневник Больного Дизайнера
  10. Марк Григорян

My new rss client: the GreatNews feed reader also follows on what blogs I visit more often, so here’s another Top Ten of Blog’s I’ve Found Most Interesting This Week.

  1. ArmenianHouse.org
  2. aramazd
  3. Oneworld Multimedia
  4. A1plus
  5. The uncharted zone
  6. ALS Movement
  7. Blogian
  8. nazarian
  9. Kornelij Glas
  10. Մի օր…

With all due subjectivity :))))

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