Elections in Armenia and Switzerland : a lot of differences

I was quite surprised when I was asked to write about my personal opinion towards the election campaign. As a foreigner (from switzerland) living in Armenia for five months now, I got used to the country and to its rules.

In order to introduce the situation of the two countries, a few facts are here given. The size of Switzerland and Armenia are quite similar. The Caucasian country is 29.800 km² and the other 41.285 km². The population is 7.508.700 in Switzerland and 3.215.800 in Armenia. So we can say, that the two countries are quite close on what refers to the size. Although the population is different, we can still say that it is in the same scale.

The first thing that came into my mind about the differences between the electoral situations of Armenia and Switzerland, is that the parties are not classified by their “left” or “right” ideas. Continue reading “Elections in Armenia and Switzerland : a lot of differences”

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