Merry Christmas is on January 6th!!!

There is an overwhelming amount of Christmas greetings coming to my email address and office these days, wishing Merry Christmas and best of luck on December 25th – the Christmas day. It is all great and pleasant – to be remembered, and greeted by so many. There is one observation, that I have to make however.
I find it quite reasonable that my international contacts are greeting me on December 25th – and wishing a Merry Christmas, and I’m very happy to be able to return the greetings. However, when Armenian friends and colleagues start greeting on December 25th – I find it somewhat irritating. The thing is – Armenian Christmas is on January 6th. What is wrong with remembering this one single most important date for the Armenian Apostolic church, and instead of bundling up with the rest of the world, wish me Merry Christmas on January 6th? Continue reading “Merry Christmas is on January 6th!!!”

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