Protest Rally in Support of Gala TV Renders Results

[Via Echannel: 2007-12-13 05:31] At the Gyumri residence of the commercial court, the trial City administration against Gala TV company has been accompanied by the demonstration of protest conducted by the TV company supporters in front of the court building.
According to the head of the Committee to Protect Freedom of Speech – Ashot Melikyan, it was also as a result of this rally, that the judge Edward Nahapetyan has avoided making a decision in favor of Gyumri municipality, declaring that the trial is being postponed until getting an answer from the Court of Cassation about mediation on conducting the court session in another location.
This demonstration followed the news that was reported yesterday, about the court process initiated by Gyumri administration, trying to deprive the Chap LTD – the founder of Gala Television Company from the possibility to use the old TV tower of Gyumri (which was restored into working condition by Chap LTD and was used for the broadcasting antenna of the TV company).
In response to attempts by various government bodies, including the state tax service and Gyumri administration to deprive Gala TV of air, a civil initiative group, naming themselves the “Headquarters of Defenders of Gala Television Company” was established in Gyumri yesterday, which has vowed to defend Gala TV by all means, so as the story “with A1+ and Noyan Tapan” is not repeated.
While the pressures against Gala are underway, the supporters of the small regional television company have declared, that following today’s demonstration, there will be another gathering in support of Gala TV Company on December 19, at 16:00.
One cannot help wondering – just how far the authorities of Armenia are ready to push this micro-war with this small regional TV company, which is simply attempting to protect its editorial independence.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant