Observer's Top Ten Armenian Blogs

I promised last week, that I’ll be posting my Top Ten lists of most active Armenian blogs. I will be posting that list now, but please understand, everyone out there in the Blogosphere – that quantity is not everything. The extensive amount of abusive posts last week has filled me with disgust towards blogging and the Blogosphere as a whole. The degree of polarisation in the LiveJournal segment of the Armenian Blogosphere, reached a new climax last week – making most of the journals totally unreadable, as a result of immense levels of hate speech and verbal abuse of each other. Several Bloggers committed blogging suicide: the journals of Viraboff, Alkhimik and Bigsauron have left us for good. Needless to say, that I’m deeply sad by such a development. On the other hand, the LiveJournal wars only reflect the day to day reality in our daily lives. It is time to ask ourselves – is all this fuss worth it? Nevertheless, here is the List of Top Ten Most Active Armenian blogs Last Week – at least as far as my subjective judgement shows:

1 Географический Пиздец
2 Дневник Больного Дизайнера
3 Важнейшие котята
4 ՈՒզողի բլոգը
5 Марк Григорян
6 Kornelij Glas
7 Свет в августе
8 elektra186
9 Oneworld Multimedia
10 iamtankist

Here is also my List of Top Ten Most Interesting Armenian Blogs Last Week.

1 iamtankist
2 Свет в августе
3 Oneworld Multimedia
4 And nothing else matters…
5 ՈՒզողի բլոգը
6 Aramazd
7 Kornelij Glas
8 A1plus
9 ЖЖитейские записки
10 Дневник Больного Дизайнера

With all due subjectivity…

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. There is a very active discussion (10+ comments per day) going at LTP blogs:
    Worth to check out if you havent already.

  2. Thanx Haik. I found out about this blog from Mr. Uzogh only recently, and will be following it very carefully in my future posts. However, I have a principle – in my Top Ten Lists I only promote blogs, which have been around for at least 60 days – so the will have to wait just a little longer, so I can consider it established enough.
    However, if you guys have interesting, thought provoking posts – I will definately consider them in my reviews.

  3. That’s a very sweet list!

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