Rally in Istanbul Marking 1 Year Anniversary of Hrant Dink's Assasination

Armenian journalist, editor of Armenian newspaper AGOS – Hrant Dınk was kılled ın Istanbul on 19th January 2007.
Today I took part in a rally in Istanbul, marking the 1 year anniversary of Hran’t Dink’s tragic assasination. There was very little I understood, but the atmosphere was sad and angry. The wave of people – perhaps 80-100,000 was flowing like an endless river, blocking the street in front of the AGOS newspaper office. People were demanding justice and uncovering the true motives of the organizers of the assasination.
I know very little about Hrant Dink even today, despite all that has been said and written after his murder. I know Hrand Dink’s views earned him enemies among the Armenian diaspora, Armenian community in Istanbul and in Armenia itself. I know he was a champion of Turkish – Armenian reconcilliation, and he was an exceptionally brave man.
As an Armenian taking part in the rally, I was there only because Hrant Dink is Armenian, and was killed, from what I understood, exactly for his nationality.
However, for those thousands of people protesting in the street, he was much more then an Armenian. Yesterday I also I found out, that he is one of the symbols of Turkey’s future. Yesterday I also understood, that Turkey’s future is bright, if it could trigger such a major rally a year after the murder of the Armenian journalist, because people really care about what’s happening with their country and their citizens – regardless of their nationality.

Hrant Dink – brave man – farewell to you. Rest in peace.

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