Observers Top-Ten List of Armenian Blogs in Armenian

For strange and mysterious reasons, despite years of existence of a very lively Armenian blogging community, the predominant languages of Armenian bloggers have been Russian and English, rather then native Armenian. The picture has started to change over the recent month however, a range of blogs writing in Armenian have sprang up, and one can now get a variety and diversity of opinion and information reading only Armenian language Armenian blogs. Needless to say, that I’m very happy to see such a development, and want to present here a number of links to some really excellent Armenian Language Blogs. Read them, comment them, encourage them:

By Artur Papyan

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Ashot – mi or is in the list – I translated the name as One day. As to Artak Aleksanyan’s blog – thanks for pointing out to its new location. He used to write at F5, and than I sort of lost track.

[…] Raha saiky amin'ny teny anglisy na rosiana avokoa ny ankamaroan'ny bolongana miresaka na nosoratana Armeniana dia hafaliana tsy omby tratra kosa ny an'i The Armenian Observer raha nahatsikaritra fa na dia mandeha tsikelikely aza dia hita tsara ny fitomboan'ireo bolongana mivoaka amin'ny teny Armeniana. Mamporisika ary Observer hijery ny fahatsarany ka hamaky azy ireny tsy tapaka sady hametrak'hevitra ihany koa (hampazoto …. […]

My idea was to have a mission or blog, where the cause Armenia was seen by those who are neither arnenios nor decendientes. Is visited by many people who did not know anything about the Armenian Genocide, those people today know about the problematic and causes.
Since Argentina Ruben Lazaro Demirjian

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