Armenia 103,599 sq/km According to Lecture of H.E. Ara Papian

Via EAFJD this interesting lecture of His Excellency Ara Papian, where he proves, that Armenia has all legal grounds to demand from Turkey to return its lands, and that the land area of Armenia should be 103,599 sq/km, instead of 29,800 sq/km internationally recognized area of today.

I personally find it hard to believe, that anything or anyone can force Turkey to give up its land area to Armenia. However, I think that people like Ara Papian and Armen Ayvazyan, who’s views on Armenia-Turkish relations are often qualified as “extremist” and “leading to nowhere”, are doing something really important. We need these views to be spoken out loud, and heard. We need even to press for them on the state policy level and excerpt as much pressure on Turkey as possible. Diplomacy is one big trade after all – and we need to start with the maximum price and go gradually down, to where both sides can compensate and reach an acceptable solution.

I think the Armenian state policy of today is rather week on that matter – we don’t even know what that policy is to be honest. They say “resumption of diplomatic relations without pre-conditions” and they don’t even say what the state policy is on the matter of Genocide recognition. Once Onnik Krikoryan asked me, what would I consider satisfactory solution of Armenia-Turkey relations. My answer:

  1. Turkey must recognize the Armenian Genocide.
  2. Turkey must pay due remunerations to Diaspora Armenians and those in the territory of Armenia, who have lost the lives of their relatives during the Genocide.
  3. Turkey should open the border.
  4. Turkey should give Armenia privileged access to one of its port-cities and tax-free passage through its territory from Armenia to that port-city and back.

Did I forget anything?

Promotion of Hatred Towards Armenians A Factor of Azerbaijan Statehood

After a post by 517design about the artificial formation of azeri turks  into an Azerbaijan state, Arshakuni has written a large article, where, looking for answers to Europe’s success in maintaining prolonged peace, the blogger finds it in giving each nation the right for self-determination and forming their own nation state.

A nation denied of the right to self-determination and creation of its own nation state can do anything to achieve its ultimate goal, the blogger argues. In the case of Turkey 75 years ago – it was a Genocide of Armenians and ethnic cleansing, to ensure, that Turks form a majority in their nation state. In case of Azerbaijan, in spite of the different khanates that existed on its territory before being incorporated into the Russian empire, the country simply never existed on the world map before 1918.

The very process of the establishment of the Azeri nation is based on fighting Armenia. Azeri national solidarity has found the very necessary element to be based on- the enemy-the Armenians.


Azerbaijan entered the very stage of the nation-state creation with its independence and their ethnic self-establishment as a nation required an enemy and Armenians ideally fit into the frame of state enemy.

In 1990 Baku was cleared of the remaining Armenians and Azeris finally reached one of their main goals, which was creating their very own, ethnic-Azeri elite in charge of country’s economy. Getting rid of Armenians persuaded not less important goal of creation of their very own Azeri ethnic culture, which was in a way always overshadowed by the Armenians, Russians, Jews and others.

For other Armenian bloggers, however, the ethnic cleansing of Armenians in 1990’s is much more then an academic speculation about Azerbaijan’s state-building forces. With memories of 13th January, 1990’s, Araksi reminds everybody about the pogroms, which started on that date 18 years ago in Baku, and continued non-stop for several days. The thread was picked up by Pigh, Aerial-vortex, Lchak, Uzogh, Viraboff, Kornelij, Texneg, Ahousekeeper, Saramarabu.

Uzogh has also provided links to the memories of General Lebed, who led Soviet forces to calm down the killings, and Alexandr Safarov, officer of Soviet Army.

More bloggers commemorating the sad anniversary: Anaid1708, 517design, Athanatoi, Mkdotam, Norayr, Gianluigi, Moonlight.

With more sad anniversaries coming up in January, including Hrant Dinks’s assassination on January 19th,  one can’t help but ask – where is God, and why is he putting so much suffering on behalf of my poor Armenian nation?


Politics — The Driving Force Behind Blogs?

Last week, the main topics discussed in the Armenian blogosphere were the election manifesto of former president Levon Ter-Petrossian and the presidential election in neighboring Georgia. It’s no wonder that many are now wondering, including bloggers themselves, if politics isn’t the driving force behind blogs in Armenia.
“Before the last parliamentary election, the Armenian blogosphere gained serious strength and politics became the driving force behind blogs,” wrote local analyst Samvel Martirosyan on his new Armenian-language blog [ARM]. The blogger is already widely known for his Russian language blog, Kornelij Glas [RUS].

On the one hand, the upcoming elections had the same effect on the Armenian network. On the other, the development of blogs introduced a fresh (for Armenia), but not pleasant “novelty.” Continue reading “Politics — The Driving Force Behind Blogs?”

Internetisation of The 2008 Presidential Elections Is Unprecedented

ltp 064
Opposition Rally, Liberty Square, Yerevan, Republic of Armenia © Onnik Krikorian/Oneworld Multimedia 2007
Vigorous politicisation of the Armenian section of Internet is observed as the February 19 Presidential elections draw near. A number of official websites endorsing different candidates have been launched. Already there are websites for Levon Ter-Petrossian, Vazgen Manukyan, Vahan Hovhannisyan, Artur Baghdasaryan and Serge Sargsyan (sorted in the order I found out about them, many thanks to Onnik Krikoryan for pointing me to these sites). Sections related to the elections have appeared in the websites of Republican Party of Armenia, Prosperous Armenia/ Bargavach Hayastan and United Liberal National Party/MIAK parties.
Continue reading “Internetisation of The 2008 Presidential Elections Is Unprecedented”

Observer's Top Ten of Armenian Blogs

This list is compiled using my RSS reader: it follows which blogs I visit most often. Although it is highly subjective, I have to note, that I usually avoid using blogs where there’s nothing worth reading, so with this list I want to promote the blogs I really like once again. Why not?

1 Oneworld Multimedia
2 ЖЖитейские записки
3 The uncharted zone
4 Kornelij Glas
5 A1plus
6 And nothing else matters….
7 ՈՒզողի բլոգը
8 понятна мысль моя неглубокая?
10 Марк Григорян

With all due subjectivity 🙂

How Many Poles Are There in The Presidential Elections?

The Chairman of National Democratic Union party Vazgen Manukyan considers it unacceptable to speak of the two peaks at the upcoming Presidential elections in Armenia.

According to him, it would only be possible to speak of the two main peaks, if one part of the voters would have intention to vote for Prime-minister Serge Sargsyan, the other part for the Former President Levon Ter-Petrossian. Reality is much different however. “According to data of sociological research, there is a big gap between these two candidates. This is why it is pointless to speak of the two peaks in the electorate’s moods.”

As Vazgen Manukyan has very rightly noted further, you could speak of two peaks/poles, if there was any substantial ideological difference between Serge Sargsyan and Levon Ter-Petrossian, however,   that difference isn’t there, according to the NDU leader.

Interesting thoughts, although quite debatable. This however, led me to a question – how many peaks, or poles are there at the upcoming presidential elections in Armenia anyway? And who do you trust in the end? Let me remind once again, that  according to the PP Chairman Tigran Karapetyan, he is the alternative pole, not Artur Baghdasaryan or Levon Ter-Petrossian. Perhaps we looking at a bunch of Napoleons here, without a single outstanding pole? :)))

Tigran Karapetyan Is The Alternative Candidate?

[Echannel | 2008-01-09]  Tigran Karapetyan is going to conduct his campaign based on several slogans: If you take electoral bribe, you become a hostage; If two sides struggle, the third one wins; One cannot live like this any more, etc. There are a lot of them, and, during the campaign, they are going to present Tigran Karapetyan, a presidential candidate from People’s Party, in the form of posters and videos.
“People’s Party has never distributed bribes,” Tigran Karapetyan has said today at a press conference. Hearing the objection that sometimes his charity events were being perceived as electoral bribe, he answered that he “did not expect votes” for them, and his desperation after the parliamentary elections that could be seen even on the air was resulted by the fact that his goals had not been fulfilled.
Karapetyan does not separate any of his candidates as main competitors but also notices that a lot of them are “located in the same field.” “For example, both Levon Ter-Petrossian and Arthur Baghdasaryan are based on the displeased segment of voters. I think there is nobody in the field I am in.” Karapetyan considers his nomination as an alternative candidacy, claiming he has been “nominated by the people.”

Levon Ter-Petrossian Ahead of Everybody Again, with an Above-Average Political Manifesto

On January 6, 2008 RA Presidential candidate Levon Ter-Petrossian published his political manifesto, thus becoming the first candidate running for the 2008 February Presidential elections to publish his program. Let me remind everybody, that at this point the leading Republican candidate Serge Sargsyan has only clarified his motto, which will be “Forward, Armenia”, and Dashnaktsutyun have started a PR campaign with fictional “contracts” being signed with citizens (68,000 of which, according to RFE/RL have already been signed with citizens), containing some basic programmatic directives.
Coming back to the pioneering candidate – LTP’s program, as Nazarian kindly informed everybody, “You can read it all at the official website for “Levon for president” campaign. The unofficial site also has a PDF version of it.”
Continue reading “Levon Ter-Petrossian Ahead of Everybody Again, with an Above-Average Political Manifesto”

Merry Christmas – differences

So I go on with the differences between Armenia and Switzerland. The topic of this post is Christmas and new year.


Except the date of Christmas, witch is on the 25th of December in Europe, there are a lot of differences. Let’s start with Christmas. It is more a family celebration, we meet with relatives and offers gifts to each other. In the streets and especially in the shops and supermarkets, the whole moth of december smells Christmas. A lot of cities have “Christmas-markets” where you can buy some original presents in a very traditional and warm atmosphere. There is such a market in my hometown, Montreux (see picture) that attracts many tourists. Otherwise, the children usually get an advent calendar, witch contains for every day of December until the 25th a little gift, usually chocolate…


Although the commercial part has taken a great place in Christmas, the religious part is not completely forgotten. If one in going to church once every year, he is going that time. In Church, we sing typical Christmas songs that are played only in this period of the year and refers to the biblical story.


In Armenia, Christmas, celebrated on the 6th of January, has also its specific traditions. In the evening before, everybody goes to church and comes back with a lighted candle to bring the holy light in the house. It is very nice to see the streets of the cities full of little fires going to the homes.

Concerning the gifts, they are opened New Year’s Eve.


New Year’s Eve is also a celebration that is quite different in both countries. In Europe, young people celebrate with friends in a discotheque or in a private party, not often with the family. Adults meet each-other and have a good meal. New Year’s Eve is in Europe not a family celebration.


In Armenia, there is a tradition that is exhausting for the armenian housewives. This visits from all relatives and friends, two days after the New Year. It’s a huge procession of people, coming for a few minutes, just to wish a happy new year, health and peace for the home. The table is always set with a lot of food, fruits salads, candies and the most important thing : the pork leg.


These are the most important differences between the two countries in this topic. I wish a happy slide into the new year to every reader!


Stéphane Maffli



New Year and Christmas Are The Favourite Holidays of Armenian Bloggers Too

republic square 0006
Yerevan, Republic of Armenia © Onnik Krikorian / Oneworld Multimedia 2008
Hundreds of greetings and congratulations were written on the Armenian blog pages this New Year and Christmas, and flew into html browsers and RSS readers – to be read and understood and taken for granted.
The Armenian Patchwork and Oneworld Multimedia have met the New Year with photos of festive Yerevan.
The complaints were all forgotten: about New Year expenses and the obligation to visit all relatives and friends, even those you don’t really want to visit. The Armenian blog-nation sounded well fed and drunk and generally happy.
Apart from reciprocal courtesy visits and spending noisy New Year’s Eve, Armenian Bloggers also like spending the first night of the year watching TV – so they can have something to discuss at A1plus blog 😉
Armenian blogger Simon Blogian reports, that during his official address to the Azeri nation, the president of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliev has said the following about the Karabakh Armenians: “If the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh want to self-determine, they should do that within the framework of Azerbaijan’s territorial integrity. If they don’t want that, they should leave Nagorno-Karabakh and create their second state elsewhere.” In response Blogian has wished, that the grave of I. Aliev’s father – Heidar Aliev “is bulldozered and reduced to dust”, as a reminder of the destruction of Armenian cemeteries in Nakhijevan and elsewhere in Azerbaijan’s territory. According to the blogger, Azerbaijan’s president I. Aliev will only be able to perceive what Karabach means to Armenians and understand, that “as far as there is one Armenian alive in this world Nagorno-Karabakh will never become part of Azerbaijan.”
JLiving notes blog wishes everybody a happy new working year, while Nm_work complains on Christian SPAM – having received an SMS message from The Holy See (religious centre of all apostolic Armenians) with the following content: “Christ was born today.” While the blogger notes, that in a predominantly Christian country it is OK for the Church to send out such messages, he still finds it unpleasant to be awakened at 9:17 on a holiday by an apparently unsolicited message.
At any rate New Year and Christmas holidays are over, and I happily join JLiving notes and wish you a happy working year.

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