"Hairitage" Will Endorse Levon Ter-Petrossian

[2008-02-12 02:33 | Echannel.am] Interesting developments: during a press conference today the press secretary of “Hairitage” party Hovsep Khurshudyan and MP Vardan Khachatryan have announced the decision made by the board of the party about endorsing the candidacy of Ex-President Levon Ter-Petrossian during the upcoming presidential elections.

This move was both expected and unexpected: we all knew, that Raffi Hovhannisyan, as a leader of an opposition party in Parliament, would have preferred to support an opposition candidate, however, there are vast difference in approaches to foreign policy issues like Armenia – Turkey relations and Karabakch resolution between what the “Hairitage” party/Raffi Hovhannisyan have been proposing so far, and what Levon Ter-Petrossian has said or has implied. Moreover, back in the 90’s, Raffi Hovhannisyan was fired from his post of Foreign Minister over his disagreement with Levon Ter-Petrossian regarding the Armenian Genocide issue and foreign policy towards Turkey. It remains to be seen, just how much “Hairitage” has compromised, and in return for what?

Artur Papyan

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  1. If true, another interesting development is rumor that Ter-Petrossian and Arzumanian were in Moscow yesterday. Another rumor, but from media sources, is that they met with Putin or Medvedev.
    If they did meet, one can only speculate what was spoken about, but one supposes it has to be about the election. Interesting days, indeed, and maybe even funny. Is this a “colored or democratic revolution” with the support of Moscow?

  2. I still haven’t finished this post by the way :))) and will try to incorporate that link into it as well 😉

  3. Personally speaking, I hope that the only compromise is what Ter-Petrossian suggested in the first place. That is, if he comes to power, sorting out the mess before calling new elections that can be truly held with equal conditions for every candidate.
    What I am interesting in, however, is that Hovannisian didn’t make the announcement. This may or may not indicate that he is not happy about supporting Ter-Petrossian, but actually it doesn’t matter either way.
    That is, the decision had to be one made by Heritage and not Hovannisian. If the party is to be democratic, it should cease from centering itself around an individual as most parties do. In this case, that appears to be the case. Of course, it would also be important for Ter-Petrossian to have Hovannisian and Alaverdyan, Safaryan et al by him on the podium on Saturday.
    Regardless, Heritage seems to have made the decision democratically which is a very promising step and precedent that many other parties here should follow. Back to your point, sure, if Ter-Petrossian comes to power, there will sooner or later be divisions over policy. At present it’s about stopping a handover of power. Still, that’s part of the democratic process too.

  4. I am gathering that ‘Hairitage’ is not a typo but an expression of attitude?

  5. vay – to be quite honest, it is a typo :)))
    you can see now, that only illiterate people like me criticize Raffi :)))

  6. Hmmm, criticism? Well, it’s politics. Deals are always struck and it’s interesting to note that they didn’t enter into this without thinking. Moreover, it can’t be just Raffi. It should and I hope was a majority decision by Heritage party members or at least senior figures. Without that consent from the rank and file, Heritage could risk splintering and I do at least hope they came about the decision democratically.

  7. Opposition leader Raffi Hovannisian and his Zharangutyun (Heritage) party endorsed Levon Ter-Petrosian on Tuesday, boosting the former president’s chances of winning the Armenian presidential election.
    The decision was announced after a meeting of Zharangutyun’s nine-member governing board which began late Monday and ended after midnight. In a written statement, the party said Ter-Petrosian’s return to power would enable Armenia to undergo “systemic changes” and have a “legitimate president.”
    Zharangutyun representatives indicated that the decision was not made unanimously but did not specify whether Hovannisian voted for it. The U.S.-born popular politician, who had served as independent Armenia’s first foreign minister during Ter-Petrosian’s rule, declined to attend a news conference held by them the next morning.


  8. The fact that Heritage would endorse Levon despite major differences on Artsakh and Genocide, suggests that this is only an opportunistic move by Heritage and Raffi, in order to prepare himself (Raffi) for presidential elections in 5 years when Raffi is eligible to run. Raffi would rather not endorse a candidate who has a more clean reputation such as Arthur or Vahan who actually have the chance to win with consolidation, because Raffi knows full well that Levon doesn’t have the chance to get over 50% of votes in Armenia and actually win. Despite all consolidation towards Levon, his criminal past, defeatist stances on Artsakh and genocide are enough on people’s minds for Levon to not be able to receive majority votes in second round and actually win the presidency.
    It’s sad that personal ambition and opportunism by Raffi would propel his party to endorse a candidate who is worse than the current corrupt regime. Sometimes too much ambition can have a negative effect in the long run.

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  10. Well, can we just pause here a little and remember that Raffi did not attend the press conference. Ultimately, regardless of what we might think of the decision, it was not unanimous and was arrived at democratically although I personally believe a congress should have been called for rank and file members to determine who to support. Nevertheless, it was the main people in Heritage who discussed, debated and voted on this issue. Still, I agree. How much extra support for Ter-Petrossian it means is not yet known. As I’ve said before, some Heritage supporters will welcome the move while others won’t. Anyway, let’s see, and especially whether joins Ter-Petrossian at the rally on Saturday.

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    All the best

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