Artur Baghdasaryan Prefers To Run Alone

Via Unzipped, I found out that the RA Presidential Candidate Artur Baghdasaryan has decided to refrain from joining any other opposition candidate in the first round of elections. This is of course understood mainly as a decision to reject the offer to support Levon Ter-Petrossian’s candidacy, which, especially after Rafffi Hovannisian and his “Heritage” party voiced their support for Ter-Petrossian, was more then expected, especially as Artur Baghdasaryan was never excluding such a possibility. At any rate, this is what is reporting, the statement issued from the headquarters of Artur Baghdasaryan’s “Rule of Law” party reads:

“Considering the fact, that if elections are held in a free and fair manner it is impossible to conclude the presidential race in the first stage and taking into account the stances of regional structures of the Rule of Law party, members of the supporting civil movement and applications of hundreds of thousands of supporters, we state, that Artur Baghdasaryan is one of the main pretenders to win these elections”.

Interestingly, despite the fact, that Unzipped is rather disappointed by such a development, I think Artur Baghdasaryan is indeed behaving like a politician, and I see no reasons why he should abandon campaigning and and jump into the other train.

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