Artur Baghdasaryan Decided to Cooperate With Serzh Sargsyan

“Divide et impera” (Latin: divide and conquer) is an ancient strategy. So is bribe and conquer…

Echannel reports, that Arthur Baghdasaryan, the chairman of Country of Law (Orinats Yerkir), and Serzh Sargsyan, the prime minister, have signed an agreement for collaboration. The rumour is, that Arthur Baghdasaryan will be appointed in the position of Security Council secretary of Armenia, as soon as Serzh Sargsyan takes up the obligations of the president of Armenia.

Meanwhile, the opposition protests in front of the Opera house, in the Liberty square, continue. I went there this morning – at around 10:30, and there were mostly the people who spent the night in the tents. The rest of the crowd were just starting to gather. One thing I noticed, is the number of people reading newspapers and the information stand, put up in the corner of the road leading to the Northern Avenue. There you could find copies of “Haykakan Zhamanak” pro-opposition newspaper, printouts of stories from various information websites. At the first glance it appeared, that by posting information from these, often biased sources, the opposition are trying to cheer up their supporters, as well try to counterbalance the highly negative coverage, that government censored television (which means – nearly all TV channels) in Armenia are broadcasting.

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