Armenian Opposition Protests Continue: Day 8

Despite warnings from the police, the president, arrests of demonstrators and some opposition party leaders, protest rallies in the Liberty square continue…

/PanARMENIAN.Net/ Our movement is a bourgeois-democratic revolution aimed to free the society from the claws of feudalism, Armenia’s first President Levon Ter-Petrosyan told a rally on February 27.
The purpose of the movement is to establish the rule of law and free economy, according to him.
“The oligarchs, who are forced to give bribes and pay to associated “family”, will fell first victims to the current regime,” he added.
“All population strata understand the necessity of shift of power. Overwhelming majority of law enforcers and military took the opposition’s side,” he said, IA Regnum reports.

Source: PanARMENIAN.Net

Coming to work today I saw police forcing the cars parked around the Opera house to leave the area. I was told, that there are police busses standing in front of all universities. A police action to discharge the rallie was expected today, but so far the rally continues. At 16:00 when I went over, there were around 30,000 people. During my section visit – already after 20:00, there were still around 4000 people. (Check out my YouTube Channel for the latest video)

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Finally I’ve been desperate for information!
    So what’s going to happen? Are we just waiting for an inevitable confrontation and conflict? Have the crowds seemed to grow or stay the same? I keep hearing ridiculous varying numbers- one western article even reported that Serge’s Tuesday rally had 100,000 people and yet the videos I find on-line indicate it was pretty much an empty affair with most people visiting their families in Yerevan or going to Levon’s rally instead. From the videos I see the crowds don’t seem to have shrunk for Levon, but since the number who attend are greater than the square can hold it’s hard to tell how many are attending beyond those that can fit. The resignations seem to have subsided so what big things are keeping things going? Has the crowd developed a mind of it’s own at this point and is essentially self-sustaining? Is this just one big waiting game to see who blinks first?

  2. If Sargsyan had emptied schools and hospitals for his rally, LTP has obviously emptied all ‘besedka’s in the city and far beyond. This seems to be a bunch of people who got nothing better to do, like the creme de la creme of my own building back in Yerevan, who hang around the ‘besedka’ all day and night discussng politics an their neighbours wifes’ underwear. Now they have finally been reunited with the ones of their kind from all aorund the country. Sunflowers, ethnic music and a chance to do nothing but be in the centre of attention, what else can you ask for?

  3. Paul – yes we are waiting for inevitable confrontation. The crowds seem the same – I think objectively there are from 30-40000 people there every day. During nights the figure is much less – but there are always people.
    During Serzh’s rally there was definately more then 80,000 people – I not used to crowds on the Republic square – but that was a very large crowd. By the end of Serzh’s rally – there were almost no people left – I’ve posted a video of that on my YouTube channel: – make sure to check it out.
    I guess at this point this is still a waiting game, and I think LTP is loosing. However, if the authorities keep giving them reasons to stay with their stupid moves, like Serzh rally the other day – I don’t know how long the protests will continue.
    Interestingly, the weather is getting warmer, which is very good for LTP and very bad for the authorities.

  4. I am not sure the war of attrition favors Levon. Every day more countries congratulate Serj, more legal consolidation in Armenia (Const court, etc), more “sniper” elimination of riffraff like Jahangiryan (this may be the best thing to come out of this “movement”, that is the removal from government of the Lady Hakobs, the Jahangiryans, non-professional hypocrites from the MFA, etc).
    Levon and Serj seem to be playing the wild west duel – who blinks first. And it seems that the administrative resources at Serj’s disposal are not small.

  5. I don’t see that the people participating in the rally are for democracy and the rule of law. It’s more of a poorly organized racist march. A majority of the people are basically anti- karabaxchi not pro rule of law, but also the majority is unemployed and dissatisfied whit their lives and want better economic situation for their families and country. I can support that and any Armenian would to, but it doesn’t start buy just protesting. You can’t just looks to the elite and say I want to live in a country of law. It takes the citizens also to respect the law and enforce it them self. People have reported that they have been transported around different voting stations to vote for Serz 8 to 10 times . Then they say that Serz is criminal , but why did they do it ? For money , well then they don’t disserve a President that respects the law ? When somebody kills a family member of me I want that person to be punished. BUT BUT IFFFFF it was my son for example that committed the crime! I would try to bribe the judge to let my son go! I can’t then say this country lacks rule of law because its people like me that make it corrupt! The fundamental thing that needs to be changed in Armenia is this, the rest will then come naturally.

  6. Mr President – thank you for the very valuable comment :)))))

  7. I’d put the rallies at around 20,000 now but perhaps 30,000 at weekeds. People are noticeably less squeezed in and there are also tents taking up space as well as more space at the sides. Even some visiting foreign journalists covering the election are noticing the crowds getting smaller.
    However, they too think that one day the riot police are going to go in.
    I think if they do it will be at night when there’s less people around, and also less witnesses. On the other hand, the international community is not likely to be too happy about any use of force although I have to be honest and say I can’t see British police allowing Trafalgar Square to be occupied by tents and protesters for over a week.

  8. The riot police would act in any country.

  9. I see clear bias in this forum towards Serge.
    This helps me understand that most of you have some connections with Serge or Republicans.
    The main goal of this discussion should be the objective matters, not counting the numbers.
    I also see that this movement is slowing, that is true.
    I want to to invite your attention to the Finland’s foreign minister’s statement.
    “Even if the elections were not according to European standards, we welcome that the Armenian government invited the European observers to Armenian Elections”.
    What does this mean. Only one thing. Armenia almost joined Russia deciding not to invite European observers. This would be disgrace for whole Europe. Then they have agreement that we will invite you and you will write good thing in your report.
    Simple, disgrace for Europe and Armenian nowadays establishment.
    We as a nation, at least one time have to understand that this is a country, and we need to have fair elections, and do not go after speculations of authorities or opposition.
    The number of protesters do not matter, even if there are 10,000 people who do not agree with the results, it means that something is wrong.
    As an armenian, I am going to make conclusions, what is to be Armenian. If are tolerant to the REGIME like this, and do not want to support those who protest just becuase we do not like LTP or his main team. We as a nation have to understand that we do not to personalize elections, we as a nation have to understand that this is not about Karabakhci and Hayastanci. At least for me it is not.
    Especially thos who are living outside the Armenia, have to also understand that speculation numbers of opposition and authorities rallies is useless occupation, when people are terrorized and brought to rally forcefully, and they later join to protesters.
    Just leave your personal psychology and social status, and think what we need as a nation or country. It is clear that what we need is not happening. We need fair elections, and we do not have that.

  10. Haik – “As an armenian” you are of course free to make conclusions. But I will say, when your conclusions are declared without some kind of logical argument, they are not very persuasive. I read your post 3 times about the statement from Finland’s foreign minister. I have no idea how your conclusion has anything to do with his/her statement.

  11. The reason tha police doesnt attack the protestors is because as soon as they do the movement will get stronger. Also the police is not a strong enough force for such a mission. It is very possible they might even loose the fight. They also dont have the legal rights to do so but that’s not a major factor as the SS ?& RK duo have no respect towards law.
    In any case any attack by police will strengthen the movement. It is too risky thats why Kocharian is not doing anything. If it wasnt risky be sure they would insert any force available. This is a proove that the army is not on the SS& RK side. It is divided and therefore nutral. If army gets involved it will split in to parts and that what might lead to a civil war.
    I think LTP is in a stronger position than Kocharian and Serzh. He has some army support, he has the support of militia ( freedom fighters), he has more popular support than anybody else, He is a good strategist, he has better planning skills and be sure he planned all of these with all possible scenarios, his cause is just and many other factors.

  12. To AH
    If your brain is not developed to understand the peruasivenes of my points, and the hints of the Finland’s foreign minister, it is your problem. Do not look any logical arguments if you are not mature enough to grasp it.
    AH, Just read and read to develop your brain and human abilities. I hope you have

  13. AH, just ignore Hayk. Arguing with him is useless…

  14. To Vahagn
    Hey body, I do not know who you are but if you think it is useless to argue with me, then it is a clear sign that you also do not grasp the whole picture. Go and read my postings oce more, and if you are also not mature enough you will also be Biased Serge supporter.
    This is battle of a human kind. And I clearly see the kind that exists in this forum. You are probably sitting somewhere in your office, and your job clearly depends on this regime.
    It is clear.

  15. If you all read what statements the European leaders had made within last 4-5 days, you will clearly see the picture of this election, and the JAILAM attitude of the international observers.
    Another fact
    No leader of any European country has congratulated the Serge, neither USA did. They all have vague statements congratulating our people for having competitive elections.
    Is this your demcracy? or fair election? Serge should hide his head, and all the propaganda TVs should be ashamed to mention these statements.

  16. who is this Hayk guy negatively labeling anyone speaking objectively… it’s amazing how Levon supporters tend to have this same ntrinsic superiority complex that if you’re not with them.. then you are wrong.
    i think there is no need to use force to break up the opera gatherings, it appears that people are slowly coming to their senses that their rightful struggle for change cannot be placed into the hands of a cunning corrupt leader! moreover in a few days it will rain in yerevan, and those misguided people will not enjoy dancing with levon under wet conditions.

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