Disgrace: CEC Confirms Serzh Sargsyan's "Victory"

Among continuous opposition protests, in a situation, when main opposition challenger Ter-Petrossian’s supporters are being bullied, fired from their jobs or arrested, with the most recent cases being those of New Times party Aram Karapetyan’s and Smbat Ayvazyan’s arrests, the Central Electoral Commission has announced the final results of the election vote count, according to which Serzh Sargsyan has been elected president.The final results announced at the CEC sitting are as follows:

Artur Baghdasaryan – 272.427 votes, or 17,7%,
Artashes Geghamyan – 7524 votes, or 0,46%,
Tigran Karapetyan – 9792 votes, or 0,6%,
Aram Harutyunyan – 2892 votes, or 0,17%,
Vahan Hovhannisyan – 100.966 votes, or 6,2%,
Vazgen Manukyan – 21075 votes, or 1,3%,
Arman Melikyan – 4399 votes, or 0,27%,
Serzh Sargsyan 862.369 votes, or 52,82%,
Levon Ter-Petrossyan 351.222 votes, or 21,2%.

Source: Echannel.am

Interestingly, the “Orinats Yerkir”(“Rule of Law”) and “Zharangutyun” (“Heritage”) party representatives were not participating in the CEC session, while the ARF-Dashnaktsutyun representative at the CEC – Hamlet Abrahamyan has expressed his special opinion on the elections, saying, that the violence, vote buying and bullying seen in the Armenian elections give him grounds to state, that the electoral system in Armenia needs a deep and major revision.

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. Hamlet Abrahamyan also signed under the CEC decleration, so whatever he says is not worth a rotten egg. ARF- Dashnaktsutyun played Serzh Sargsyan’s fiddle one more time. A real shame.
    I hoped that they would have the dignity, if not joining the movement at least, to further themselves from the falsifications and Serje. They have not only sold their votes to Serje but happily signed under the agreement of the sale.
    This movement is now not about LTP anuymore. It is about the truth, justice and freedom.

  2. I agree with Haik (I am Hayk, different guy)
    This movement is about us, about people, about Armenia not LTP.
    Serje and Robik made people in Vanadzor and Armavir to go on the street and protest against movement. They thretened them to fire if they do not go for protest.
    ARF sold the Armenian soul.
    RUSSIANS are in Armenia (Russian Specnaz/Alfa troops)
    The chairman of SIM Party Hrant Matevosian (the supporter of Vazgen Manukian) announced that the SIM party cannot be indifferent, despite the disagreements with LTP.
    How many more facts you need to understand that this is not about LTP.
    This is about our country and 2 persons (Serjik and Robik) want to digrace whole nation and country.
    STAND UP ARMENIANS, Defend your country and dignity

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  4. Haik is probably right – Mr. Abrahamian’s words are indeed not worth a rotten egg if he went ahead and signed the CEC verdict.
    I also found it funny one of the witness’ comment ‘Hima piti tzap tanq?’ That pretty much sums up what happened at CEC and these 5 men deciding who the president will be.

  5. Unless ARF radically makes a U-turn and starts coming to Azatutyun Square, they stand to become, politically, an inert force. With VH resignation and, perhaps the pull-out of the gov. (that may just happen tomorrow), ARF will become an irrelevant force in the politics of Armenia – with their 13% or so in the Parliament, I doubt they can do much…
    This is it ARF – make your choice… VH was the person saying “Menq ter enq kangnelu dzer dzaynerin, duq ter eq kangnelu dzer dzaynerin” – I guess this is how VH is going to do that – by chickening out, and getting their guy to sign off on a document that validates one of the most shameful act in our recent history… I guess, 100+ years of wisdom is not worth a dime now…. Seeing what’s happening to ARF, poor Mikaelian, Zavarian and Zorian will be turning in their graves now…

  6. Hmmm, sorry, but I don’t see ARF-D coming to Liberty Square yet until, say, Levon apologizes for banning and imprisoning them. Moreover, they — like many of us — are concerned by the prospect of clashes and so have appealed for calm. Ter-Petrossian still uses the language of hate some time, as do some of his supporters, so one can also understand the LTP position. And anyway, even if Levon were to pull his revolution/coup d’etat/call it what you will off, ARF-D are actually in a good position. They can be a real opposition again. Still, someone commenting on this blog said he reckoned ARF-D would eventually switch sides, but let’s see. I’m not holding my breath on that one. However, I agree when it comes to this protocol. If they don’t accept the results they shouldn’t have signed it.

  7. Off – chgitem πŸ™ I’m fully and finally lost now. What is happening πŸ™ I’m stuck in Gyumri right now – and people are saying the way to Yerevan is blocked… want to come back to Yerevan at any price. Let’s see what happens.

  8. Onnik et all
    ARF-D was banned because their operation in Armenia was unconstitutional. You could not have a political party in Armenia with HQ in another country. ARF-D was warned many times but they didnt follow the regulations and restructure their operations and therefore were announced illegal. I believe this is like in any country. You can not have a political party in the UK with head office in let’s say Russia.
    On the other hand ARF-D plotted coupe through assassinations, I am 100% sure in this as i was told by people who were working on this case. It was hard to believe but I started believing in it. There are still people from ARF-D who are in prison for that. VH was one of them, he was pardoned by Robert Kocharian but he was never cleared of charges and the courts didnt prove his innocence. I think ARF-D needs to put the past behind and start fresh as a political party.
    I am not saying that this didnt serve as an excuse to force oppressions. I do not justify any oppressions which were directed against people. We all know that the KGB aparatchiks like overdoing. That’s why I believe that the former KGB now FSB or whatever should be abolished and all the files should be made public. We dont want an Intelligence Services that works against the people. The sole role of the government is represent and serve the people and therefore the government officials should not be more than public service providers.

  9. Well, remember, all countries have security services that work inside the country. The problem is whether they’re accountable and not used totally as a tool of oppression. However, in some instances where coup d’etats or terrorism is a risk, they’re necessary, and yes, I know, in the West they’re also used to spy on trade unions, human rights activists etc. I guess even in democratic countries some people are considered to have less rights than others. The state also needs to protect itself.

  10. hayk,
    you are 100 percent sure of it because the people working on the case told you>?
    i’m working on a space ship that travels faster than the speed of light. Are you sure of this too, now that I am telling you?
    I’m not sure if you follow the news in the country but ARF did put the past behind and had a very civilized meeting with LTP last year. And in regards to starting fresh as a political party, it has done just that, with election primaries, contracts with the voters, and genuine election campaign methodologies. The ARF is the only real political party inside Armenia. Maybe LTP needs to get over the past and go home.

  11. Allan – I fully agree with you on everything related to ARF. Thanks.

  12. I was told by people who even though were on the case but did everything not to arrest the innocent dashnaktsakans. that’s the reason I believe in these people.
    the ARF-D tactics were honorable in teh begining, I dont know how they were later on, during the campaign as i didnt follw them closely.
    What is disgraceful is not protecting the votes give to them by their supporters and giving those votes to Serje.
    Also by signing under the CEC final decision. Well thsi has been discussed above and I dont want to change teh subject of teh topic.

  13. To Allen and Observer,
    Dears, what counts are not lofty promises and wishes – and I believe you’re intellectually honest enough to recognize that. What counts are deeds. I’m not a Dashnak, though I would love if they commanded at least 20-25% of Armenia’s Parliament. Why? Because I think due to their presence, the debate will sharpen, clash of ideas will produce a higher truth – and that end result would be good for my country. I believed VH when he said people will be entitled to every vote that they cast for Dashnaks, now I’m disappointed – truly saddened by the “tail between the legs” attitude. This is shameful. I’m not advocating, you know, an absolutist stand, that is, I’m not saying ARF-D should not accept the result of the elections in response to minimal irregularities (just to prove a point) – but I am advocating ARF-D to stand up when the magnitude is of the scale that is being reported.
    I think the dilemma that most Dashnaks are facing, and by extension its leadership in Yerevan, is that “yes, the elections were bad – but both choices are really bad, so we are indifferent as to what really happens, as far as the outcome is concerned”. This is damaging. The emphasis should be on process and not the outcome. ARF-D should singularly measure the “fairness and free-ness” of the election based on the process and not the outcome.
    With all their faults, I always thought, and still do, that Dashnaks are free people. Guys, this is about freedom: freedom from fear and freedom from doubt. If not now, then when? Ten years? Do we honestly believe that SS is not going to be able to consolidate even further and deeper? The cause of freedom is at stake, and as MLK used to note about the fierce urgency of NOW… Now is the time.

  14. HAXTELU ENQ !!!! oh no…. HAXTEL ENQ !!!!

  15. Neither Serzh, nor Levon are good, but wht’s worse- there is none worthy either – pretty disappointing. .. it’s bad that the other candidates “surrendered” … but it’s good and inspiring that people raised their heads and now make their voices be heard… I’m sure more people would have joined the rally (opposition) if it were lead by a new perspective opposition leader ..
    there needs to be a reasonable and peaceful outcome, not hand and gun fight…I do hope some compromise or whatever will be gained- to the advantage of the people (nation) and not the ruling and opposition men…

  16. a proverb says ” Each nation merits its president”. I love my nation but we need to promote civil society between us. only in this case it would be become limited for Serz and others like him to reach their goals by false votes. there exists no perfect election, neither in Europe. But still the government and president care of their people. unfortunately in our case no. and then Politics (politics as a concept is not developed between our MP) should be separated from economics.

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