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International Women's Day 2008 & The State of Mourning

It seems strange to speak of International Women’s Day, while being in a state of mourning. It doesn’t feel like March 8th at all… 8 Armenian men, if we are to trust the official accounts of bloody events on March 1st, are gone. Their wives, mothers, sisters are mourning them right now…
I’d really wish today, that all our Armenian women could live in a free and secure country, in a country, where women could be in control of their own destiny, and not fear for their relatives, and have a chance of self realisation. …but I realise, that this is not possible, after March 1, riots, killings, state of emergency and the much worse developments, that I’m sure will follow soon. My dear Armenian women – sorry for sounding so pessimistic, but all I can wish for you today, is personal security and safety for the people immediately around you. There’s not much more one can wish and expect from this divided country now. My greetings and apologies…

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Official Report by Republic of Armenia Ombudsman (Human Rights Defender)

The human being, his/her dignity and the fundamental human rights and freedoms are an ultimate value. The state shall ensure the protection of fundamental human and civil rights in conformity with the principles and norms of the international law.
The state shall be limited by fundamental human and civil rights as a directly applicable right.

Constitution of the RA
(Article 3)

1. Even from the pre-electoral campaign period, the public activities of different political bodies resulted in the atmosphere of intolerance in our society. Unfortunately the calls for tolerance, made both by competent international organizations and by the Human Rights Defender  were  ignored. Even more, the atmosphere of intolerance turned into mutual hatred after the tragic events on the March 1.  
2. The events of March 1 started from the forced dispersal of the demonstrators in the Azatutyun square early in the morning. It was officially announced that there was an accumulation of  weapons in the place of demonstration, and Police officers simply tried to inspect the area but faced tough resistance.