More Evidence of Unnecessary Police Violence Circling in Yerevan

Unzipped reports, that today Armenian opposition have distributed video evidence (below) confirming, that special police units have shot towards protesters during 1 March events, despite official claims, that they were shooting in the air only or not shooting at all.

According to the official position voiced a couple of days ago by Sona Truzyan, a spokesperson for the Prosecutor-General: “The preliminary investigation will establish all circumstances of the deaths. I can state basing on the data of the preliminary investigation available as of today that no shot was fired in the direction of the demonstrators even during the mass unrest” Truzyan said, adding that to quell the riots police used tear gas and tracer bullets fired solely into the air.
As I have said earlier on this blog, there is a real need to investigate not only the reasons of violence that erupted in Armenia after the February 19 Presidential elections, but also, the activities of the police forces, special services and the military. Even if we discard all the claims about “provocateurs” being put to use by special services, that opposition keeps speaking about, I would evaluate the activities of the law-enforcement bodies unacceptably incompetent, to say the least. They have failed in all and everthing one would have expected from police forces in a situation we saw in Yerevan during horrible events of March 1-2. They could not provide security of our citizens, their property, transport, businesses. They were not able to regulate traffic to make sure minibuses and troleybuses don’t fall in the hands of protesters and turn into barricades, they were not able to disperse protesters. They were not able to do anything! One wonders, why on earth do we have all these police forces if they can’t do anything, except kill our citizens!

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Sirusho's "Qele, Qele" – The Next Eurovision Song?

On November 14th, 2007 Public TV Company of Armenia officially announced, that Sirusho, a young Armenian singer, who has won the Best Female Singer nomination at Armenian National Music Awards 2005, has been selected to represent Armenia at Eurovision 2008. I have to say, that Eurovision has become a big deal in Armenia, and this year is also important, because, Azerbaijan will be entering the contest for the first time, and there is this feeling, that we have to at least be better then them, especially having ensured 8th place in both previous Eurovision finals, with Andre and Hayko representing Armenia in 2006 and 2007 repsectively.
Yesterday, Harmick at Blogrel posted links to 4 songs that Sirusho, noting, that “we have a potential Eurovision winner on our hands!”.

However, it turns out the venue for the Eurovision final was changed yesterday. Looking around the web I couldn’t quite understand what has happened in the end anyway, but one thing that I could see on the Public TV website, is that the song “Qele, qele” was selected, despite cancellation of the finals. Now I’m not quite sure, if this is official or no, and here in UK I have no access to the Armenian Public TV(not that I’m particularly concerned for not watching all the propaganda crap they broadcast). None of the still functional news resources in the web seemed to report anything about Sirusho and Eurovision, probably the news is too political and can’t be published? My journalism students had made some paparazzi photos of Sirusho dating with Robert Kocharyan’s son, perhaps that has something to do with cancellation of the finals in this tense period? I hopes the internal politics is not involved at least in something as simple as the Eurovision song contest!