Kocharyan prepared to ease the restrictions on media

Following the announcements from Armenian media as well as growing pressure from the international community to ease the pressures on freedom of speech and media, RA President Kocharyan has told journalists during a media briefing today, that he sees no reasons to further prolong the state of emergency. Hence we can expect to see it end on March 20th. 

Armenian Public Radio reports, that President Kocharyan has noted lack of violations of the state of emergency and has stated, that the situation in Yerevan is peaceful and fully under control.

Robert Kocharyan has also informed that today or tomorrow he will sign a decree on mitigation of the restrictions on mass media activity under the state of emergency.

According to the President, the decree will clearly indicate the activities which the mass media should avoid. It particularly refers to publication of obvious lies and provocative information.

Speaking of Levon Ter-Petrosian’s statements on the intention to hold a rally right after the state of emergency is lifted, President Kocharyan described them as “provocative”, and noted that “for some time one should refrain from rallies, rest a little and reduce the level of polarization in the society.” “Imagine if we give permission to hold rallies, and the people, who participated in the unrest and collisions with the police, and the representatives of law-enforcement bodies gather at one square. I cannot imagine what their “communication” will be like. One should be a provoker to repeat the same steps. Maybe, some people will be glad to have new collisions and new victims, and it will become a ground for publications in foreign newspapers, but the authorities will not allow that, especially taking into account the fact that Article 40 of RA Constitution provides us with necessary legal grounds for that. I advise the citizens to refrain from participation in rallies and not to obey to provocative statements.”


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