Perspective: will there be a return to journalism?

The dark cloud of sad events and disgraceful deeds of the past weeks has been pierced by a ray of sunshine. The telethon to raise funds for “GALA” TV company of Gyumri, harassed by authorities for many months on end, has shown that people are able to tell the difference between the real news and brainwashing, that they are able to value the little democratic achievements that they have. Our colleagues in Gyumri, “GALA” and “Asparez” Journalist’s Club that initiated the campaign to support the TV channel, brought to shame the TV journalism stars in the Armenian capital who justify their bias by saying the free word in Armenia is not protected by anything or anyone.

Only one camera (that of “Yerkir Media” TV company) was shooting the press conference in Yerevan, held on the arson of the car, used by the Chairman of “Asparez” Board Levon Barseghian, and the unprecedented fundraising for “GALA”. The others – over a dozen of Yerevan TV companies and at least as many pro-governmental national newspapers – thought this news “did not deserve attention”.