Changes in the structure of government, Armen Gevorgyan and Hovik Abrahamyan change places

President Serzh Sargsyan has signed a number of decrees, changing the structure of Armenian government and making some key appointments. Hence, Armen Gevorgyan, president Robert Kocharyan’s chief of staff has been appointed as deputy prime minister and minister of territorial governance; Nerses Yeritsyan has been appointed as minister of economy; Tigran Davtyan has been appointed as minister of finances, Gurgen Sargsyan will serve as minister of transport and communication and Mher Shahgeldyan, from Orinats Yerkir party – as minister of emergency situations.
According to Serzh Sargsyan’s decree, former deputy Prime Minister Hovik Abrahamyan has been appointed as the head of the presidential staff.

Echannel reports, that the following changes have been made to the structure of the RA government:

  1. The ministry of trade and economic development of Armenia has been renamed into ministry of economy of Armenia;
  2. The ministry of finances and economy of Armenia has been renamed into ministry of finances of Armenia;
  3. A ministry of emergency situations has been launched. It has been defined that the service of rescue is a governmental body functioning within the framework of the ministry of emergency situations;
  4. The agency of relations with Diaspora at the ministry of foreign affairs of Armenia has been reformed into a governmental committee of relations with Diaspora at the ministry of foreign affairs of Armenia, as a governmental body within the framework of the ministry.
Artur Papyan

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  1. I am really glad that they changed the names of these two departments. The names never made any sense to me, and now I am so happy that they finally do. They should keep up their agenda of clarifying terminology for the confused part of the society, otherwise, sometimes we just feel too confused.
    I like the ministry of emergency situations. It does nothing until we get emergencies. When it is an emergency then it continuous doing nothing because the president takes charge of everything by calling state of emergency. Nice ministry, that is exactly what we need at this moment. Maybe their job is to do complete in depth study of all possible emergency situations and keep the president aware of their consequences. If this is the goal, then it is so theoretic in nature that we also ought to have a department of emergency situations at YSU. Maybe Kocharian can lecture there.

  2. Grigor,
    The way I understand it, the American equivalent of the Ministry of Emergencies is Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA). This is not about the kind of emergencies you are talking about.

  3. Ohh I misunderstood. Ok I take back my cynicism.

  4. A well-known Russian proverb came to my mind when I read this post: “Ot perestanovki slagaemikh summa ne menyaetsya”. . .

  5. FYI this is not a well known russian proverd it is a elementary math rule that you learned in second grade if you were there (probably not, and probabl you learned it muuch alter as well known russian proverb! )

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