Women demand fair trial

About 150 women had gathered in front of the general prosecutor’s office to demand fair trial and freedom for political prisoners. They also conveyed a letter to the prosecutor’s office.
“Today, we have not come here to celebrate our feast but we have come here to demand freedom for our husbands and men. Since they are in prisons, we cannot celebrate it,” says Heghine Harutyunyan, a participant of the action. That was included in the letter signed by the gathered women and conveyed to the general prosecutor’s office of Republic of Armenia.

People gathered near the prosecutor’s office had pictures of arrested  
persons I their hands and a big poster Freedom to Political Prisoners.
Women were in black clothes, some wearing also black scarves although some were displeased with that, “Take off your scarves – what has happened to your relatives? You will wear black scarves on April 9, as a tribute to the victims.”
They were chanting Le-von, Free-dom… Police was not impeding – they were just regularly asking people to get out of the streets and standing on the pavements, for security reasons.
One of the first visitors was Melissa Brown – the wife of Alexander Arzumanyan. She had photos of her husband and some other prisoners in her hands. “We want to show that we have power – our power is our people. We will conduct gatherings, observing the law, in order to show that we are not scared,” she said.
Mariam, the wife of Husik Baghdasaryan arrested on February 27, says that his husband has been sentenced to 3 years of imprisonment for keeping illegal weapon.
“He had organized a big gathering in Masis for Levon Ter-Petrossian. Since he was Levon Ter-Petrossian’s supporter, they came, searched the house and said he had illegal weapon.”
Aram Sargsyan, the chairman of Republic came to express his support to women. They welcomed him dearly, some embracing him and asking about Levon Ter-Petrossian’s health.
In the end, Lyudmila Sargsyan, the head of SDHP, joined the demonstrators.
Women hoped that the general prosecutor would get out and listen to their protest. However, Aghvan Hovsepyan did not meet with them. 2 hours later, an employee of the prosecutor’s office brought roses to women, on the pretext of April 7 but the demonstrators refused to take them.
At 5, they walked to Northern Avenue where the opposition representatives presented them with tulips and daffodils on Levon Ter-Petrossian’s behalf.
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Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


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  2. did they take the tulips and daffodils?

  3. grigor whih part of armenia are you in?

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  5. trust my word

  6. […] The Armenian Observer reports on a small gathering outside the general prosecutor’s office in Yerevan to protest the imprisonment of their male relatives following the 1 March post-election clashes between the opposition and police. The event was staged to mark Motherhood and Beauty Day and the post also includes a video. Women were in black clothes, some wearing also black scarves although some were displeased with that, “Take off your scarves – what has happened to your relatives? You will wear black scarves on April 9, as a tribute to the victims.” […]

  7. These women and their husbands should thought before taking part in antiarmenian and fascist actions done by Levon Ter-Petrosyan during this half-year.
    Astvac amen meki deme ira aracn a berelu.
    Levon and his hunta are paying for what they did in1996.

  8. Tigran Kocharyan
    From what you’ve written I suppose you are a relative of Rob
    not because you family name is the same, but because only
    a person who is related to the regime in some way, can call
    the opposition “fascist” and “anti-Armenian”.
    What was exactly fascist – the actions of the government.
    You don’t have to be a levonakan t see this,
    a lot of people are critical of both Serzh and Levon,
    but to call fascists people like Raffi Hovanisian or Zhirayr Sefilian, as well as 350 000 people who voted for Levon (according to official figures) is simply stupid.
    besides junta is spellt wiht “j”, cause it’s come from Latin America, the place were Serzhik’s ideals like Pinochet come from

  9. samo from what you have written I suppose that you are complete “zombie”.
    For Le Pen in France voted mote than 7 million people it means that they were so clever?
    Most of arrested people(not just Opera club dancing shows visitors) seemed to be criminals so far they are also(together with authorities) responsible for firstofmarchian events.
    Thank you for good spell-check work.

  10. tigran from what you wrote you are no different from a zombie either. Why you made the choices of words the way you did is a mystery and not particularly appropriate for someone who has a respectable blog.
    God isn’t a lunatic to do what you suggested. IF there is god then god probably has much more important things to deal with than few women protesting for their husbands or Levon.
    At any rate, it just goes to show how divided and emotional people are at these times. You all need to calm down and choose your words more carefully and not instigate hateful discussions but rather more civilized discussions.

  11. Tigran,
    I think from what you have written is quite clear which one of us is a zomby,
    so I guess there’s no point in trying to explain you anything.
    I don’t really understand what you have against Le Pen, who has absolutley the same fascist ideology as the “HArnapetakan” party.
    Besides, the gov-t of France never said that those who voted for Le Pen
    are “zobies”, “cult followers””, they never tried to arrest Le Pen followers, or ban
    their meetings, of ban pro – Le Pen newspapers, etc…
    I don’t care about Levon, he’s an asshole, but he would be 1000 times better than Serzhik, who’s taking the country to a complete catastrophe
    I feel sorry for you, you are a victim of H1 brainwashing
    Btw nice new word – “firstmarchian” –

  12. grigor ure just no different from the famous kargin kase jok where a poor woman asking for 5000 dram is considered as just another uniportant one taking gods atention away from the begging him for a jeep guy, who pays the 5000 to woman and asks to go away and dont take gods attention!
    that who you are and unfortunately it is not a joke!

  13. observer –
    while we all are blogging here all fit anf fine ther are people on hunger strike. why don’t you bring up the happenings in Hrazdan. I would think it is woth alt least talking about loudly…or maybe you prefer to keep silent and close your eyes on such happenings.

  14. yervand, perhaps I am even the Antichrist, you could save your time but just calling me that instead of wasting your time with that lousy joke of yours.
    But if you missed the point then perhaps you should think about it again before resorting to such efforts as bringing up that lousy joke.
    If God exists then he, she, or it isn’t a lunatic to do what Tigran said. There are better activities out there for god to be actively engaged in than to remind us what we did or didn’t do during our lives.
    Actually, I am very very sorry for making the following comments, but yervand you are just one stupid guy, you know that. You don’t even understand who is on your side on what situation. Tigran criticized these women and even suggested that god might even punish them, I responded to this accusation which by judging from your comments puts me on your side, then you came out and told me that I am no different than some lousy joke. Amazing. Now you are all alone on a little island, sinking into obscurity.

  15. grigor to be short;
    again you dont get the point that for god if he exists eveyone and evyrything is equally important!
    and you are not the one to judge whom and to what god should apy attention or not!
    got it!
    you stupid idiot!

  16. and i am never alone and will be always with the nation fighting for fredm and justice!!!!
    and you all jersk one day will realise how looks like a democratic country!

  17. I pretty much think I am the one who decides what god will do. Isn’t god our invention, so we can do anything with it that we want. Tigran thinks that his god will remind people of what they did, I think my god isn’t a simpleton to do that, and you think your god is so blind that it won’t be able to distinguish rich from the poor. In fact, I am pretty sure if you try to bribe my god it will probably take your money and that is why I don’t trust my god that much. It is just hanging out there on its own.

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