Observer's Top Ten List of Most Active Armenian Blogs

As you may already know, I read a lot of Armenian blogs – in order to compile the Armenian Blog Roundups that are published on this blog every week. In fact, at the moment I “observer” 126 blogs, and looking at the statistics of the past 30 days, here’s what I came up with – Onnik Krikoryan was the most active blogger in Armenia in the course of past month! …and the rest of the boys and girls incuded in this list are very active and interesting too!

# Title Number of posts per day
1 The Caucasus Knot 3.5
2 2,6
3 Йцукен 2,1
4 tzitzernak 1,9
5 1,8
7 nazarian 1,6
8 Unzipped 1,3
9,10 Антилибер и Антитолер 1,2

The uncharted zone


9,10 And nothing else matters…. 1,2

So this list is just for the readers of my blog to know, where else they can find active, interesting and useful blogs about Armenia.