Human rights activist Mika Danielyan attacked by former leader of ultra-right party

Upon hearing the news, that there’s been an attack on the head of Armenia’s Helsinki Association Mikael Danielyan, my first reaction was, that it must be related to his interview to A1plus yesterday, where the breave human right’s activist was criticizing the activities of the Armenian law enforcement bodies in addressing the demands of the PACE Resolution 1609, related to the release of “political prisoners”, and noting, that the Armenian authorities are following the example of Azerbaijan, which did not release its political prisoners even after a PACE Resolution.
There was another attack on Mika Danialyan back in 2004, which was never properly investigated, and the human rights defender claimed, that the offenders back then were connected to Armenian special services. Today, as reported by A1plus, at around 3:00, when walking along the pavement with a friend, Mikayel Danilyan had stopped to salute a friend, when a BMW had started signalling from behind. Then, in response to Danielian’s inquiry, as to what the signalling meant, a fellow had come off the car, calling the human rights activist a “CIA agent” and “defender of gay rights”. According to A1plus, “Afterwards, he took out a gun and shot at Danielian’s chest. Fortunately, the wound wasn’t serious as according to the preliminary investigation the criminal had shot from a gas pistol.”
A friend of mine who visited Mika Danielyan at the Police Department noted, that Danielyan was feeling all right, and was giving evidence to the police. He also noted, that Tigran Urikhanyan, former leader of the ultra-right “Progressive Party”, was also in the police department – and apparently he was the offender.
What I am most concerned in this story, is that nobody seems to take it serious. I am sure, that the police will try to hush up the matter, and state connected Tigran Urikhanyan will happily walk away, while the human rights activist, who is known for his criticism of the Authorities, will be left crying for justice. All the likes of Urikhanyan will see it as a “sign of heroism” to attack human rights activists, call them spies, verbally abuse them. Yet another signal will be sent out, that people striving for human rights are second class citizens, especially if they’re criticizing the state machine. The society will see once again, that when even the rights of human rights defenders are not protected – what could they expect for themselves? Yet in another example, we will see human rights and democracy harassed in this country. Is there a solution? I guess not…


Sirusho made it to the Eurovision 2008 Final

The good news is we made it to the final, and Sirusho will be singing 5th. The bad news is – our girl was definitely in a bad shape during the first semi-final. We all know Sirusho is beautiful – so can someone please explain who on earth decided to do THAT to her hair?
Coming to the dance – she started up with two guys holding her feet, so Sirusho would lean forward – that apparently requires a lot of phisical effort – which could easily take the breath out of anyone, let alone a tender girl like her. No wonder the vocals of the song that followed afterwards were so disappointing. Moreover, with rather demanding vocals in a song, one should be careful not to move so much, so as not to run out of breath. After all the kicking-jumping that Sirusho did on the stage (which was kinda hot – I admit), it is no surprise she had difficulty catching the high notes, and was shouting all the way through the song. And I’m not alone in being disappointed with her vocals.
Anyways – there’s still time to correct the mistakes – I’m sure that changes to the dance, so that Sirusho moves less and sings more, will do the trick. And please, please – someone, FIRE the darn hairdresser!
On another note – I really like Israel, Moldova and Norway songs.