Eurovision Song Contest 2008 Final Results

The much talked about Eurovision song contest is finally over, Armenian Eurovision Fan blog has posted the final results. Armenia won the 4th position, which is a notable improvement from the previous two contests we took part in, with both Andre in 2006, and Hayko in 2007 getting the 8th position.

1. Russia – 272
2. Ukraine – 230
3. Greece – 218
4. Armenia – 199
5. Norway – 182
6. Serbia – 160
7. Turkey – 138
8. Azerbaijan – 132
9. Israel – 124
10. Bosnia & Herzegovina – 110
11. Georgia – 83
12. Latvia – 83
13. Portugal – 69
14. Iceland – 64
15. Denmark – 60
16. Spain – 55
17. Albania – 55
18. Sweden – 47
19. France – 47
20. Romania – 45
21. Croatia – 44
22. Finland – 35
23. Germany – 14
24. Poland – 14
25. United Kingdom – 14

Sirusho performed slightly better then she did at the semi-finals, still sounding rather poorly though. Speaking of looks – she looked hot all right – with no idiot hairdresser messing her up as in the previous performance. Now Europe knows we really have hot girls here, which is a welcome change after sending guys two years in a row. The overall results are quite satisfactory too – for a small country to occupy the 4th place among 25 European states, it is certainly an achievement. The whole Eurovision fuss is of course rather funny – it is basically a display of political affiliations of various European states and moods of people about their neighbor countries, and of who has bigger diaspora and more migrant-workers in other European states. So all this fuss about good or bad performance is basically pointless – Russia’s Dima Bilan of course is an excellent singer and had a nice show, but few can really persuade me, that he was much better then the Israel song or the Norway. (For one thing, Israel guy definitely had the best voice and singing technique of all) Seems like, as more post-Soviet countries are joining Eurovision, Russia will start winning year after year – as its politics, that drives the vote, not the song itself. Yep, ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Soviet-Vision!!!

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant


  1. I think a 4 th place for Armenia is a amazing achievement, I shows the strength of Armenian Diaspora as well and its integration in Countries like Greece, France and Russia which are important allies for the future. I think also as a marketing gimmick it is one of the best place for Armenia to show its self . When I am in Armenia, the pathetic Armenian egos of people in Armenia think that Armenia is the center of universe and living in Sweden I can guaranty that 97 % of the population doesn’t know that there is a country named Armenia ….. But now maybe 10% know that Armenia was in the top 5 in Eurovision song contest, but still they don’t know that there is a country known as Armenia.

  2. I didnt know that there are Armenians in iceland. Armenia got 1 point from iceland.
    Eurovision produces a good yearly statistics to track down the Armenian Diaspora trends.
    The only thing I liked here was Armenia giving 8 points to Georgia. Knowing that there are only a few Georgians living in Armenia this shows that Armenians want to get friendly with Georgians and Georgians with Armenians ( the 12 points from Georgia cant be all from the Armenians living in Georgia). This is a way to go.

  3. Hello to all Armenians!!!
    I am so happy for Sirusho and Armenians all over the world. Congratulations!!!:)
    For the past several years I have refused to watch Eurovision, but yesterday I did so, I admit it was a good show-concert, with very many nice people around. In fact, yes it’s all about politics, I could feel even the music the turks and azeris chose was sth like a rebellion against SOAD.
    Well, yes the West has to admit Russia is coming over…
    but on the other hand being familiar with the stage myself, I can say Dima WAS LIVING it, not directly performing but embracing the stage with his soul or could be synthesizing both.
    Once again GOOD for you Sirusho jan, we believed in you and you DID convey the very kind aura to Europe at large. Thanks to all people who voted.

  4. WHAT ABOUT THE CLOWN ::THIS FXXXKING POSTCARD OF ARMENIA , our national flag depicted on a Clown and then having cake trown at it ????? What the Fxxxuck was that ?

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  6. Greek entry was pretty fantastic as an example of ethnic/pop fusion and I think should have won. I also liked Ukraine — now, she really was HOT :-). Turkey’s entry was my favorite, but even with the sub-standard vocals from Sirusho she came across well, the song was lively and catchy and she deserved her position. Had it not been for this damn political voting for Russia she might have been third although it seems strange that Finland didn’t hit the top five (although admittely, she looked quite scary).
    Anyway, I never gave a damn about Eurovision ever until this year and while I really don’t give a damn about Hayko or Andre (totally over-rated and tiring), I’m very pleased with Sirusho’s result. Even with Diaspora voting and political considerations I think most countries actually liked it on merits alone. Incidentally, Armenia scored the most number of top marks awarded to it — eight, in fact.
    Russia’s Dima was pure crap (yes, my subjective opinion) although I admit, when it comes to pop music there’s no accounting for taste. However, I think the general consensus is that his win was a political and not a musical victory.

  7. Had it not been for this damn political voting for Russia she might have been third although it seems strange that Finland didn’t hit the top five (although admittely, she looked quite scary).

    Sorry, I meant Sweden.

  8. Had it not been for this damn political voting for Russia she might have been third although it seems strange that Finland didn’t hit the top five (although admittedly, she looked quite scary).

    Sorry, I meant Sweden.

  9. Pat
    The clown is the most famous clown in Serbia and a real celebrity . As far as I understood he is an Armenian named Narek.

  10. I think the Georgia – Armenia and vice versa vote is thanks to the opposition poltical movements in both countries. The Georgian opposition supported the Armenian opposition before and after March 1st and the Armenian opposition stressed that it is important to become friendly with Georgians.

  11. i’m really happy that russia won =D

  12. Thank’s to all who worked for out best achievement!
    Sirusho was so nice -4-th place is the best during all these three years!

  13. Ukraine is second!!!!!!!!!!!
    we`re the best!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. Next year i am 100 % that Arame will represent Armenia …………….
    A clown is a clown …. Armenia should revognize Kosovo

  15. it saw a great happening.
    congratulations and good luck next year.
    love you all, take care

  16. antifa, it has nothing to do with the opposition. Georgia gave Armenia 12 points last year as well. Also, as I recall, opposition supporters were calling for a boycott of Sirusho who actively performed at Serge’s campaign rallies. I guess the boycott call fell on deaf ears.
    BTW: It can probably be already assumed that when Sirusho arrives back in Yerevan there will be many, many media moments and photo opportunities with the both of them.
    And while I welcome improvements in Armenia-Georgian relations this has actually happened thanks to Saakashvili trying to stabilize ties as well as the situation in Samtskhe-Javakheti. Wisely, the government and Kocharian responded correctly to the move and not least because so much trade passes through Georgia.
    True, supporters of the late Gamsakhurdia will likely remember Levon fondly for giving him brief asylum in Armenia and resisting efforts to have him extradited to Armenia, but anyway. Pity the Georgian song this year was so bad, though. Last year it was magnificent.

  17. “I guess the boycott call fell on deaf ears.”
    There really is no way to quantify if the call to boycott had any effect on the result. Maybe she would’ve done better, maybe she would’ve done worse without it. Also it’s important not to give so much credence to bloggers and comments and present it as the “opposition movement” calling for something. True, most people who lean that way probably in some way or another supported the idea of boycotting not just Eurovision, but all of our showbiz “stars” b/c of their support of Serzhik/Robik, but let’s not make it sound as if there was an official call to boycott from anyone other than a few young kids online.
    Speaking for myself, though I am not a fan of the selection process, her, the song, or the performance, and consider myself “pro-opposition”, I still found myself rooting for “Armenia” to be called during voting announcement process, and I think though they wouldn’t admit it, those people calling for a boycott felt the same way.

  18. Onnik ‘me’ already wrote what I intended to write.
    Just to add that I and many like me that I know of boycotted it for variouse reasons.
    Coming to giving votes to Georgia I think you are missing the point it has nothing to do with Sirusho as votes were not given to Sirusho but to Georgians.
    Nikol and many other opposition activists called for closer realtions with Georgia. It is a real shame that we live next to each other for ages and we still don’t know much about each other.

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  20. For the first time ever, I downloaded some pre-made entry clips for Eurovision (I couldn’t watch the live contest), specifically Russia’s, Ukraine’s, Armenia’s, Georgia’s, Poland’s, and Greece’s.
    Out of these entries, the vocally most gifted and professional was, by far, Diana Gurtskaia of Georgia. The clip was great, and the song was meaningful.
    Our Sirusho was great for the ethnic pop disco genre.
    The Polish lady was a Celine Dione but without voice. 🙂
    Dima Bilan was mediocre, as was his “ballad”.
    Ukrainian girl was singing some filler pop, forgettable even before the song’s end.
    And the Greek girl awakened my peacefully sleeping penis, after she started bringing her knees together and rapidly opening them up, so by the end of the watching he voted for her. I was neutral…

  21. Haha, good one Artashes! 🙂 By the way – what do you think of Israel’s entry? the song was not good, but the guy can really sing. Tale a look when you have a moment.

  22. Armenia is the best, really, Sirusho so beautiful girl, very natural, and smart i think. Great song. I fell in love :))))) Greatings from host Serbia 🙂 I love you

  23. Observer,
    I just looked at Israel’s entry, and I agree that the guy has a naturally flowing voice, no question about that. And if I didn’t know, I would think it is an Arabic song (in any case, there is undeniable overlap of their cultures and languages).
    By the way, why Arab countries are not represented if Israel is there? I am not aware of Israel being a member of any European organization (as we, for example, are). Is it in OSCE, CE, etc.?

  24. I was pleasantly surprised to see that Armenia gave 2 points to Azerbaijan in the semi-final.

  25. Everything about the Armenian number in the final was much better than in the semi-final, but we actually beat Russia in the semi-final. We actually came second.

  26. I know Armenia giving Azerbaijan two points is to be considered a nice gesture, but Azerbaijan’s song was so horrendously bad that I don’t think it deserved a single point. Sirusho’s song looked like a masterpiece in comparison.

  27. Azerbaijan song is the best!!!

  28. Why are u people giving urselves hopes?? Its 85% Armenian Diaspora that benefitted Sirusho… Like someone said, its a good way to track down the Armenians living across Europe.. Norway, Andorra, Finland…>Why didnt they give any points??NO ARMENIAN LIVING THERE…

  29. @ Artashes
    Because no Arab country recognizes the state of Israel.. It is against their law to show anything on TV regarding the true state, and something the world has recognized ever since 1948.. The only Muslim country that has ever entered was Morocco and that year Israel didnt participate.. So see?

  30. Novo,
    You gotta be kidding me! You mean that the Arab countries are FREE to enter the competition but deliberately do not do so since in that case their people would actually see the Israeli entry and get shocked that there is a state called Israel and it even has a singer to represent it?? Haaaaaaaaaa :):):)

  31. Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.
    cheers, Gasohol!

  32. Here´s from a guy in Holland who is Dutch, has a German mother, an Indian father, and was born on Samoa….confusing? hahaha, congrats on the 4th spot, well done. I never understood people voting for a country they were never born in, didn´t grow up in etc…but then again i guess thats because I really have no cultural ties to anything particular….and one day I hope people vote for the song and not because they feel they should vote for some cultural background…if a song is good, it deserves to win no matter least that is what I hope is the vision of Europe. I have a question, the girl who presented the Armenian votes, I am absolutely in love with this beauty…can anyone tell me her name? Is she a celebraty in Armenia and the Yerevan scene? The only thing I have is that she said her name was Atchui, (thats my humble approach to the pronunciation..sorry)….can any of you help me? thx!

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