Pro-active Armenian Foreign Ministry Online

“Armenian Foreign Ministry are using all the possibilities of Internet”, Mr. Tigran Balayan, Acting head of Media Relations Division at the Armenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs answered to an inquiry of The Armenian Observer blog author – Reporter_Arm.
In an official information email sent out by the MFA Armenia today there was a link to the interview of Armenian Foreign Minister Edward Nalbandian to Russian Vesti 24 Channel. While the interview itself was nothing of particular interest, the fact, that it was made available on YouTube and was linked to by an official source, captured our attention. Mr. Balayan confirmed, that the MFAArmenia YouTube Channel was indeed maintained by the Armenian Foreign Ministry and that it has been around for several months already.
This is of course a welcome practice, which indicates, that the Armenian Foreign Ministry, which was among the first in the world to adopt the Electronic Visa system, which enabled visitors to Armenia to apply for visa online, is trying hard to step in line with technology. Moreover, it is interesting to see the interest Armenian authorities are paying to the Internet, blogs and video-blogs, to which YouTube is an example.