Podcast on the First Caucasus BarCamp

The team of Armenian bloggers have returned back from the Caucasus BarCamp which took place in Tbilisi on June 7-8. This Podcast which will be broadcast by Radio Hay tomorrow – on Saturday morning, features an introduction to the concept of BarCamps in general, tells about the Tbilisi Barcamp, and features interviews with Evgeni Morozov, an expert in new media and internet, interviews with Uzbek and Latvian bloggers. Feel free to download and listen to the mp3 version.


13 thoughts on “Podcast on the First Caucasus BarCamp

  1. mk, there’s more coverage with photos on the Global Voices Online site. Go to the Central Asia and Caucasus Section. No audio, though.

    Actually, you can take a look at the Global Voices RSS feed section of this page (bottom right) and the links are there.

    There are two lots of interviews — the first with the Azerbaijani coordinator of the training you guys attended after the BarCamp in Tbilisi and the second with one of the BarCamp organizers as well as Gegham and Artur).

    I’m also preparing an article for ArmeniaNow on the BarCamp and blogging in Armenia / South Caucasus, but still waiting to hear on deadlines.

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  3. MK jan,
    it’s a radioprogram that can’t be longer than 5-6 min. That’s the format.
    But the interviews with Morozov, Arturs, Tolkun and others we’ll use in the following programs.
    Հո բոլոռ ձայնագրությունները մի անգամով եթեր չէի՞նք տա։ Մի քանի հաղորդման պաշար ա:)

  4. And Ditord jan,
    the interviews are not with Uzbek and Azerbaijani, but Uzbek and Lavtian bloggers. :)

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