Podcast: Armenian blogs on Turkish President's visit to Armenia

Following Turkish President Abdulla Gull’s historic visit to Armenia, Armenian bloggers are engaged in active discussions – was it a positive step, or a negative one? Was it right for Armenia’s to invite highest Turkish official to Armenia or not? Even the fact Armenian football team lost 0:2 to Turkey, has been completely overshadowed by Turkish president’s visit. There is also an interview with Latvian blogger Artur Mednis. Download the full podcast here or listen to it online below.


  • <cite class="fn">Raffi</cite>

    Is it just me or is the voice chipmunks-y?

  • <cite class="fn">Observer</cite>

    you’re probably on Firefox. There’s a bug, because of which Firefox sometimes plays too fast. Try with Opera or Microsoft Internet Explorer – should work better.

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