Podcast: Criminal Chronicles

This week’s blog roundup reminds more of criminal chronicles than anything else. At any rate, we have invited Christian Garbis of “Notes from Hairenik” blog for an interview to give you and incentive for listening to this podcast, which would otherwise be only about killings and violence in Armenia.
“5 corpses, 8 wounded in two days”, Samvel Martirosyan is observing. Reporter_arm has more detailed accounts of the killings in Lori region on October 24: “Shots in Spitak and Stepanavan. Looks like a criminal argument in Spitak. Four died. There was an attempt to kill the mayor of Stepanavan with a sharp object. He shot and wounded the offenders”.
Unidiana has eye-witnessed the murder that took place in Yerevan on October 26th: “A car dashed into our backyard in broad daylight. The backyard is usually full of playing children. Shots started coming from within the car… kids were hiding anywhere they could find”.
As a result a 43-year-old man died, one more person was wounded, Kornelij Glas writes, and then “There is another case. On the night of October 25th Kentron police department was notified of sounds of argument and shooting near the “Tsghotik” restaurant”.
“5 unkown people have attacked the house of Armen Avetisyan – former head of RA State Taxation agency on October 25th” Reporter-arm is informing of yet another criminal act, to finalize accounts of the week, full of violence and killings.
Ogostos is sarcastic – commenting on the remarks of Cheif Prosecutor Aghvan Hovsepyan, who said there’s a correlation between abolishing the capital punishment in Armenia and growth in the number of killings, the blogger says.”Right, so it’s again the God damned Europe who doesn’t let us solve our problems?”.
The A1plus blog is commenting on one of the darkest days in modern Armenia’s history. “On October 27, 1999 around five armed people, headed by Nairi Hunanyan, dashed into the NA meeting hall and shot 8 people dead. The court process on the “27” case that lasted around three years, didn’t provide answers to the posed questions and didn’t expell doubts, that the terrorists had outside support”.

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Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant