Armenia 31st by level of economic freedom among 179 countries

According to Economic Freedom Index 2009 published by American Heritage Foundation, the level of trade freedom in Armenia increased by 14.4 percentage points up to 86.4% in 2008. Armenia scored 69 points out of 100 possible, versus the 70 point score last year.
According to ARKA report, the Heritage Foundation specialists say Armenia’s inadequate infrastructure and the customs system’s unpredictable valuation, inefficient administration, and level of corruption add to the cost of trade. Ten points were deducted from Armenia’s trade freedom score to account for non-tariff barriers.

4 thoughts on “Armenia 31st by level of economic freedom among 179 countries

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    Gilmour Poincaree - 14.01.2009

    Don’t you ever wonder why the Heritage Foundation never perceived what was happening just around the corner ?!!! … and yet it expects to be taken seriously while rating anything …

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    Observer - 15.01.2009

    I do indeed. In this case I have just reported about the existence of this report by Heritage Foundation. If you want my opinion about the content of the report – here it is: BULLSHIT!

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    Gilmour Poincaree - 15.01.2009

    It’s incredible how we Americans value The Heritage Foundation … they ideologized the markets and yet are praised while being misleading …

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    Lus - 20.01.2009

    yes, if by “economic freedom” they mean widespread poverty and corruption, then Armenia ranks #1….

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