Podcast: Armenian Eurovision Choice – Arshakyan sisters

Armenian blog community had predicted the Armenian choice of Eurovision-2009. By the end of January bloggers had noted Anush and Inga Arshakyans’ names as winners.

Facebook social network contained a support group for Inga and Anush Arshakyans. You could find the video of the sisters’ song Plow in blogs Ditord and RealArmenia.

However, bloggers did not like the song choice. The Plow is better than the chosen New Dance.

“I did support Inga and Anush Arshakyans’ bid to represent Armenia in Eurovision 2009. Why on earth did they change the initially advertised song Gutan – which was pretty good – instead sticking with this unsatisfying Jan Jan? Unless they stage a great show, this song is not a winner, not even close. Disappointed,” Unzipped complains.

Yerevanskaya is a journalist, has been present at the contest and has covered all the 21 candidates for Eurovision.

“I am not a fan of pop music but I think that it was wonderful. Sure, there were participants that could be classified into “So what?” category. However, everything else was good. The sound was not bad, the light was OK, which, actually, hardly ever happens at the Sports and Concerts Complex,” she writes.

Yerevanskaya congratulates Arshakyans sisters that have won in the Eurovision Armenian phase, summing up that “It was really the people’s choice.”

Blogger Diaanaa that has been the head of the Eurovision Armenian delegation for the past three years was among the viewers this time. She confesses that she has voted in favor of Dorians and Bambir rock groups, speaking quite well of Inga and Anush Arshakyans.

“I am crazy about the girls – they have strong voices. However, this song cannot be compared to their Plow. When you wish them to go since they really deserve it, since I get chills up and down my spine from their song, since they are charismatic, bright and, at the same time, modest, you cannot imagine a bigger disappointment. I still cannot memorize the song but now I support both of you, girls. Give it hot to them please,” Diaanaa writes.

Another blogger – the head of Eurovision voting project Uzogh – has published the chart of the votes of panel members and sms messages in favor of the 21 participants. Apparently, Inga and Anush Arshakyans have received the most number of votes both on behalf of the panel and the viewers. There are no doubts about this choice, at least at the Armenian blogosphere.

Download the podcast of this post, also containing an interview with a very interesting interview with the editor of Aravot  daily Aram Abrahamyan or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below.