Podcast: Traditional Media vs Bloggers, Round v2.0

PodcastThe traditional media talked about the blogs this week again. Bloggers noticed that too. In an article about Yerevan’s Municiapl administration elections, Top journalist of “Aravot” daily – Anna Israyelian, had referred to the opinions expressed by Uzogh (Ruben Muradyan) on his blog.
Uzogh on his turn had started a discussion about “Aravot” Daily’s coverage on his blog. As the discussion proved interesting, we decided to invite Anna Israyelian, Ruben Muradyan (Uzogh), Gegham Vardanyan (Reporter_arm) and Artur Papyan (Observer) to the Internews Studio, to discuss the issue of copperation between the traditional media and blogs.
This episode of Armenian Blogosphere podcast is completely dedicated to that subject. You can download the 1.2 Mb podcast in mp3 format from here or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below.

Yerevan's Municipal Elections for Dummies

Elections of the local administration bodies of Yerevan city are scheduled on May 31, 2009. Given the size of Yerevan’s population (over 1 million according to official data on Yerevan municipality website ), which comprises one third of Armenia’s population, and the city’s economic significance (roughly 50% of Armenia’s economic activity is concentrated in Yerevan according to IMF data ), the upcoming elections can be compared to nationwide parliamentary or presidential elections. Continue reading “Yerevan's Municipal Elections for Dummies”

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