Podcast: Armenian blogosphere talks Turkey

Podcast“Armenia and Turkey have agreed on a comprehensive framework for the normalization of their bilateral relations,” is said in the joint statement disseminated by the Armenian and Turkish foreign ministries. Hot discussions around the statement have started in the Armenian blogs.
“Today, a day before the commemoration of the genocide victims, we have learnt that Armenia and Turkey had signed an official joint document on normalizing bilateral relations and identifying a road-map,” Ogostos writes. “I would like to a) know what that bloody road-map contains; b) hear what Dashnaks will say before their torchlight procession; c) read “Golos Armenii” and other similar newspapers. Actually, I would like normal relations to be established between Armenia and Turkey. However, I am concerned about the price we will have to pay for it,” Ogostos concludes.

The blog Life in the Armenian Diaspora responds tothe statement by writing, “So an announcement like this can only mean one thing. It’s April 22nd, and Turkey is worried Obama will say GENOCIDE in his April 24th statement. After making all those announcements before Obama’s Turkey visit about how close they were to normalizing relations, Turkey has said three times in the last few days that it will absolutely not normalize without the Karabakh precondition. Just yesterday Turkey pulled their Ambassador to Canada because Canadian officials attended a genocide related event. Will Obama keep his promise, or will the Turkish games win the day? I want to believe that good will prevail, that this time, the campaign promises could be believed, but… the doubt is strong in me.”
Ahousekeeper is being more strict, “There is an impression that we have returned to 1908 with a stroke of a pen, once again launching the self-destruction mechanism,” is written in the blog that is famous for its anti-Turkish position.
The blog Kornelij has managed to say just one thing in a “literary language” about the topic, “Deepest gratitude to Foreign Ministry for not having spread the statement on April 24.”

Artur Papyan

Journalist, blogger, digital security and media consultant