Gagik Tsarukian detained

Gagik Tsarukian, 23, has been detained in Gyumri on charges of attempting to forge 1000 AMD notes. The Gyumri inhabitant has admitted to making a printing machine, printing and using at least 2 banknotes.
The reason this story from A1plus attracted my attention (and probably yours too), is because this young man from Gyumri is the namesake of the richest Armenian oligarch – Gagik Tsarukian, owner of a range of businesses, founder of “Prosperous Armenia” party.
How ironic.

Podcast: Yerevan elections in the Armenian blogosphere

PodcastDays before the first ever municipal elections in Yerevan several bloggers have noticed that the municipal authorities are doing major road construction works, fixing street lightes, renovating backyards.
Reporter_arm has put together his notes on what the Armenian blogosphere has to say about the pre-election race, this sudden push by the authorities to finally start doing some of their responsibilities and more.
You can download the short, 5 minute mp3 version of the radio program/podcast from here or listen to it online by clicking the player icon below. A full Armenian language text-version of the podcast is available at E-channel.

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