Vegitation in Yerevan's most modern street watered manually

Passing by Yerevan’s newly built Northern Avenue I couldn’t help but notice today this man watering the rare green areas with a hose. You’d expect a major architectural project like this to have some sort of proper irrigation system. But no.  I looked around and saw no traces of hidden tubes in the grass – maybe I wasn’t looking properly? Maybe it’s there but is malfunctioning so they have to water it like this? At…

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Podcast: Post-Election comments from bloggers

Yerevan municipal elections took place on May 31st. The preliminary results were published next morning. President Serzh Sargsian’s ruling Republican party received 47.37 percent of the vote. “Bargavach Armenia” (Prosperous Armenia) party and Armenian National Congress received enough votes to secure their place in city’s elderly council, but Armenian National Congress said they’ll boycott the Elderly council in sign of protest against vote irragularities.You can download the short, 5 minute mp3 version of the radio…

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Republicans score a landslide win, Beglaryan "elected" mayor of Yerevan

Central Electoral Commission publicised the preliminary results of Yerevan’s municipal elections. Accordingly, the Republican Party of Armenia (RPA) has received 47,39 percent of the vote, which gives the party more than 50 percent of the sits in the elderly council, which, according to the law, automatically makes the acting mayor of Yerevan Gagik Beglaryan, the candidate occupying the 1st slot on Party’s proportional list,  an elected mayor of Yerevan. “Prosperous Armenia” party comes a distant second with…

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