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The 'correct' and 'incorrect' maps of Armenia and Karabakh

The 'correct' map of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh
The 'incorrect' map of Armenia and Nagorno Karabakh

I came across today a Facebook group which, according to its description, is “dedicated to the promotion of using correct maps of Armenia and Artsakh.” The group’s description further runs:

When using or displaying a map of Armenia, Artsakh should not be left out! They are Armenian lands that should be properly included into every single map published. We live there, we govern it, we liberated it and therefore it is an integral part of the Armenian world.

With rather detailed descriptions, the group further explains the use of the terms ‘correct’ and ‘incorrect’ maps, saying the ‘correct’ one should “show Armenia and Artsakh as united” and not depict Karabakh “as an enclave, which is not the case.”