Yerevan – the desert city… and the scorpion in the office

You don’t normally expect scorpions and tarantula in your office, do you? Well, in my office in central Yerevan I’ve come across both. And not just in the office, but also at home. This is mostly because Yerevan was built on a desert area, partly also because human activity has further worsened the microclimate here.

The massive construction in Yerevan’s Northern Avenue and elsewhere has also contributed to the fact, that all sorts of venomous creatures: snakes, scorpions, lizards have been driven out of their underground nests and spread throughout the central areas of the city. Still, with cooler weather this year, we haven’t heard about snake-bites and scorpion poisonings this year. Thank God.

Overall, beautiful as it is, Yerevan is situated in the worst possible place for a capital city. My suggestion? Let’s move capital of Armenia into Tsakhadzor, Sevan, Gyumri or Vanadzor. Why not?