Mixed feelings over the National Anthem of Nagorno Karabakh

Stumbling upon a YouTube video of the ‘National Anthem (Himn Artsakhi) of the Nagorno Karabakh Republic’, sung by popular Armenian singer Andre was something of a surprise to me.

I’m not a big fan of national anthems. Most of them are rather boring pieces of music, with similarly boring lyrics. This one is no exception. Here’s the national anthem of the Republic of Armenia for comparison.

What was surprising, however, is the sudden realization, that even though I’m seeing this – yet another little proof of Karabakh’s independence and statehood, deep inside I can’t make myself genuinely and sicerely accept Karabakh as an independent state… I don’t know if this feeling is shared by other Armenians, but I only feel, need, want Karabakh as part of Armenia, and in no other form does it have any value to me.

3 thoughts on “Mixed feelings over the National Anthem of Nagorno Karabakh

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    nazarian - 05.11.2009

    I have the exact opposite feeling about Artsakh. I see them as a separate state. As things are, they cannot be independent – Armenia is their sole guarantor with all the consequences. It’s tough to be small but I think this way they have more control over how they choose to conduct their affairs than if they were another marz inside Armenia.

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    mk - 06.11.2009

    as an independant democratic state Artsakh steps in front of Armenia. May be I’m wrong, but that what I feel

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      Observer - 06.11.2009

      Mika – you’re right. They send all their dictators to Armenia :)))))

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