State Revenue Committee wastes 29,5 million AMD taxpayer money on corporate party

Armenian State Revenue Committee have spent 29,5 million Armenian drams (about $79,000 US), on organizing a corporate party for its staff of 270 people: management, tax and customs officers, with the participation of Armenian music stars and comedians in Yerevan’s luxury Marriott Armenia hotel.
A document made public by the Journalists’ Club “Asparez” on Friday, reveals, that Armenian taxpayers had to pay 107 thousand AMD ($290 US) for each tax/customs service official to have fun. $290 is quite a lot of money for a large party like that, even if its in the most expensive restaurant.


Ara Abrahamian gives a 'masterclass' in Russian

Ara Abrahamian, President of the Union of Russian Armenians, a UNESCO Goodwill Ambassador makes a complete fool of himself speaking hillariously broken Russian. Why would he want to do that, I wonder? And how could someone who lives in Russia for decades, speak such bad Russian?