Monogon: Armenia’s Pentagon with prospects for growth?

Armenia -- Satellite view of Armenian Defence Ministry headquarters in Yerevan, (c) Google Imagery, 2009

Armenian Defence Ministry headquarters moved from its old building on Yerevan-Ashtarak highway to a new location in north Yerevan, between the Avan and Nor Nork communities, back in September 2008.

The construction of the ministry complex was one of the largest construction projects undertaken in Armenia in recent years, costing some 16 billion drams (about $43 million at the current exchange rate) to build.I have long wanted to see the building, but it somehow seems to avoid me. Luckily, through a tweet by Kornelij, I was finally able to have glimpse of it on Google Maps. Looks good… but a little… hmmm…. unfinished! I’ve conventionally named it the Monogon, because it really reminds me the US Pentagon. Here, take a look at it yourself.

US -- Pentagon, the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense, Arlington, Virginia (c) Google Imagery, 2009


2 thoughts on “Monogon: Armenia’s Pentagon with prospects for growth?

  1. I just wanted compare it with US Embassy in Yerevan, but google maps can not find it!!! May be they have closed it:)???

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