Speedtest: Top 10 ISPs in Armenia

Just wanted to share a snapshot from  Speedtest.net statistics for Armenia.  Orange continuously fails short of its 7.2 megabit promise. In fact, it rarely delivers even the 2.16 speed that I see here. Meanwhile, Ucom has become the new rising star of Armenian internet. Some of the other providers I don’t see in the Top 10 list: Hi-Line, I-Con, Arminco.


3 thoughts on “Speedtest: Top 10 ISPs in Armenia

  1. For some reason Arminco networks are being classified as ‘Schools and Corporations’, if you uncheck the ‘Hide schools and corporations’ link, you’ll see them listed as ‘Armenian Network’.. the name seems to be cut of but the rating of 3.7 of 5 matches their network rating in the speedtest tests.

  2. Here is a test of a 2mbit Arminco subscription, tested with speedtest’s budapest server:

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