Will subsidized iPhone come to the Armenian market soon?

Orange Armenia website has been carrying the following announcement, which has been troubling my imagination for quite a while. As announced during the launch press conference in November, Orange will be the official representative of iPhone in Armenia and very soon will introduce this great device with worldwide success in our market.

This was supposed to happen in December, during the Christmas shopping season, but the company delayed the deploment with the following explanation: “The promotion “Christmas miracles” has a big success and introducing iPhone in the same time would unavoidably generate queues. Orange will postpone the launch of the iPhone in order to welcome the customers in a comfortable environment and keep the best service quality.”

Reading the lines again got me thinking: iPhone costs $1000 in Armenia and is available, but nobody’s queuing for it. If Orange is expecting queues, does it mean that they’ll dramatically cut down the price, perhaps by providing subsidies?

What would be the comfortable price and how will the market react to this cool phone? I don’t know, but I’m not buying a phone till I know for sure. This iPhone thing may potentially become the one compelling reason that will make me switch to Orange. I bet this holds true for quite a lot of people as well.