Internet statistics fuss over silly stats

internet-world-stats Rather dubious data from a little known Columbia based company Miniwatts Marketing Group, made headlines in the Armenian media this week.

The group which offers research in Internet industry features a website called Internet World Stats, which claims the number of Armenian internet subscribers makes only 6.4 percent of the population with as few as 191 thousand people connected to the web, which puts Armenia seriously behind its neighbors by internet penetration rates.

While there is no data immediately available on the total number of Armenian internet users, it is important to point out, that a similar figure was presented by the International Telecommunications Union 2 years ago and within the past two years the Armenian internet market has seen very robust growth.

Even if we only consider the numbers of 3G internet users in the country (which is well over 220 thousand), and add to that the number of DSL, ADSL, WiFi, WiMax and dial-up users, the data presented by the Columbian company seems very far from reality.