Parliament approves bill to terminate Armenia-Turkey normalization deal

Armenia -- The parliament building in Yerevan, undated | via RFE/RL

In the second and final reading the National Assembly voted into a law on Thursday a government bill that will make it easier for Armenia to annul or suspend its normalization agreements with Turkey.

The bill makes amendments to the Armenian law on international treaties. It specifically envisages the suspension or termination of agreements, which is clearly linked to a warning issued by president Serzh Sargsyan back in December, that continuous attempts by Turkey to link normalization of Turkish-Armenian relations and Karabakh settlement favorable to Azerbaijan will not be tolerated by Yerevan.

The bill was  included on the parliament agenda just days after president Serzh Sarkisian formally sent the two Turkish-Armenian protocols to the parliament for ratification.

Leaders of the parliament’s pro-presidential majority have repeatedly stated that the protocols will not be put to the vote before their ratification by the Turkish parliament.