YouTube: average video streaming speed in Armenia 830 kbps

Average connection speed of internet users who watch YouTube in Armenia was 830 kbps in January 28 – February 26, 2010, according to the the statistics presented by the world’s leading video sharing portal.


That’s not too good,compared to the global average of 3045, but there’s a positive trend – the graph shows that the speeds are rising even in the course of one-month timeframe. Following the YouTube stats closely in the upcoming 2-3 months will certainly render very interesting results.

Meanwhile, Armenia’s Public Services Regulatory Commission has released data on the number of internet subscribers in the country. Hence, according to the figures published by Kornelij blog, the number of broadband internet subscribers is 70-75 thousand (this is a growth of 700% since the last quarter of 2008). The number of dial-up internet users is 40-45 thousand (a decrease of 50%). The number of mobile internet users is 1,5 million.

Armenia has seen exponential growth in the number of internet users over the past months, which the prices for broadband have been decreasing at a spectacular pace, with average cost the entry level 128 kbps download speed connection at about 8,000 AMD ($ 20 US).

Meanwhile, organizations like the ITU and Internet World Stats estimate the number of Armenian internet users at 191 thousand people or 6.4 percent of the population.

(Thanks to Mekayles for the link to YouTube stats)


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