March 1

“A truly historic photo: Opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosian chain-smokes in Yerevan’s Liberty square on the morning of 1 March 2008, one or two hours after it was cleared of his supporters who protested there day and night. Less than 20 hours later, 8 protesters and 2 interior troops will be killed in vicious clashes elsewhere in the city center… ”, source

I find it really hard to write about March 1, 2008 violence in Yerevan – it was the most tragic event I’ve experienced in my life, save for the 1988 earthquake in Gyumri.

Most of what I could write on it is in my blogs archive here, here, here. Meanwhile, RIP to those 10 people who died.


5 thoughts on “March 1

  1. …and like a coward he disappeared when it was most important for him to be with the people.

  2. Armen, you fool, LTP was placed under house arrest.. or don’t you care about the facts…

  3. the facts are LTP wished to stay in his home and leave his people behind, no one forced him to stay home, only his body guards were told not to escort him.

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