Flying out of Yerevan


Armenian International Airport – the departure gates (c) Artur Papyan, 13Mar2010

Yerevan’s airport used to be my nightmare for years. Leaving Armenia or flying in was associated with the feeling of discomfort, dark, smelly floors and staff that liked to push you around. Not anymore! I’m sitting in the new departure gates right now, using aiport’s free wifi…. everything’s clean and tidy, gleaming and nicely ventilated, with good looking, pleasant and nicely trained staff.

We’re still coming into the airport through the old soviet style Zvartnots Aiport building, which looks great if you look at it from a distance, but come close or get inside… nah! Anyway, there are plans to turn it into an aviation museum and open up new entry to the brand new airport building which is now mostly functional.

Days of tense work and preparations are over, didn’t have much time to blog, but hopefully the bad times are over. I’m off to Vienna today and on to Washington D.C. Will take part in an exciting Social Media Tour in the U.S. with a chance to meet Google, Facebook and a lot of U.S. State Department people. Let me know if you have questions to ask those guys.

PS: If you’re interested in Armenia’s International Airport, check out flight information on-line or read all about the airport in Armenian on hy.wikipedia.


8 thoughts on “Flying out of Yerevan

  1. Ask Google, not to become an evil! :)
    Those guys start to make me nervous recently.

    And have a good trip :)

    • Pat – you can’t be serious. What happens to the country if everybody leaves? There’s gotta be someone staying back to work for the future of this country!

  2. Pity the wi-fi is only available once you’ve passed passport control. It also sucks. My one pet gripe about Zvartnots and I wish that at least Square One at the airport might offer wi-fi as it does downtown.

  3. Yerevan airport, was the first posative impression we had towards Armenia. Very well designed, modern and fast in all kinds of transactions. We have been very surprised with such high quality services. We have also made prior bookings in a hotel in Yerevan to accomodate.

    Armenia is a safe and nutral country, we loved to hang out all the time till late midnight in the city, it was great opportunity to visit the opera, the theater, and a ballet show and few museums. We had planned a trip to different places around Armenia, such as Garni, Gegard, Sevan and Dilijan also the a church in a vally called Khor Virap. The historical sight seeings where impressive and we have been touched with the history and culture of Armenians.
    In Dilijan city, upon arrival we decided to overnight, the atmosphere was very peasful to rest and injoy the nature. We took advantage from a small guest house available named Dili Villa B&B, unfortunatly we made this mistake which led to a bigger problems. After lunch started vomiting badly, couldnt rest or fall into sleep. The owner didnt care only for his pocket, never excepted his mistake and ignored. We are surprised with such a behaivor from an Armenian family!!! I would like to warn every and each tourist to stay away from them and their services available at

    Finnaly, after the poisening story!! We have been back to Yerevan city next day. Our trip was just into its end.. after two days we had to leave Armenia with the best impressive memories in our entire lives.

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