Getting To And From Armenian International Airport

There are a range of options for passengers to get to and from the Armenian International Airport – “Zvartnots”. Those options include taxi, bus route #201 and shuttle-buses #107 and #108. You might also choose to walk to the center of Yerevan, it’s only 15-20 kilometers to the center, you should get there in 5-6 hours (joking). Some hotels also offer airport transfer services, I’ve used Congress hotel and Aviatrans hotel with relative success.

The bus and minibus options are basically irrelevant if you’re flying to Europe, because most flights happen in the middle of the night, when those routs don’t operate. Actually, I had no idea those options existed and only found out about them via the airport’s website today.

Meanwhile, Taxi Tour, the only service operating in the territory of the airport currently, offers a pricelist. Getting to central Yerevan from the airport will cost 3,000 AMD ($ 8 US), while reaching to the parts of the city which are further away will cost up to 5,000 AMD ($ 12).

Hotel transfers usually cost more, starting from at least $25 US in my experience.

I’ve never tried the minibus and bus options, they don’t seem to be very reliable, I wouldn’t recommend it, even though those options would probably cost something like 250 AMD ($ 0.60 US) or less given the average tariffs for this type of transport. That’s almost like free.

Developing more reliable public transportation options for passengers to travel to and from the Armenian International Airport would be a welcome move for the development of tourism, a train would be a fantastic idea, but considering the low cost for taxi, I don’t think that would make a lot of economic sense. The same holds true for more reliable public transport – bus, minibus options.

Meanwhile, I’ve been visiting the Armenian airport all to often this month. Hope life will settle and get back to normal starting from April. Have a safe trip, everyone!


3 thoughts on “Getting To And From Armenian International Airport

  1. Is this a computer generated picture or do they really fly two Air france Boeing 737-s the same time to Zvartnots?

    • This is the computer generated image of the new terminal which is under construction at the moment. It’s supposed to be finished this autumn.

  2. The minibusses work just fine, its all I’ve ever used, and the taxi drivers are sharks coming from the airport, can cost up to 5k dram!

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