Speculations on Kocharian’s Comeback Stir Emotions Again


Former Armenian President Robert Kocharyan criticised the economic policies of his former ally, the incumbent President Serzh Sargsyan, sparking speculation that he’s trying to return to active politics again.

Speaking to Mediamax news agency, Kocharian lashed back the criticism thrown at him by his predecessor, opposition leader Levon Ter-Petrosyan, as well as tried to justify his economic policies and urged the incumbent authorities to stimulate growth in Armenia’s real estate market where he has major business interests.

Kocharian is a predictable political figure and going public with statements of this sort were most probably triggered by Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s latest speech. The antagonism of the two former presidents seems to have gone through stages of dislike, hatred, animosity and turned into allergy for each other.

While some are pro-Ter-Petrosyan media are speculating, that Kocharian is merely trying to protect his large investments into the housing and construction market, I think Kocharian has direct access to his former ally, incumbent President Sargsian and the government, so he wouldn’t need this media attention to push his case through. Knowing his dislike and distrust of the media in general, I also don’t think this message was delivered to indicate his desire for comeback, although, who knows.

Meanwhile, most discussions in the political circles and the media alike seem to have centered on the comeback option, which Ter-Petrosyan’s Armenian National Congress most vocally criticizing this possibility,  ARF Dashnaktsutyun expressing backing and the ruling party sounding cautious.

Following Kocharian’s strange visit to Iran, this is a second round of speculations about his possible return to politics. Adding to this the whole situation with Levon Ter-Petrosyan’s return to politics (another ex-president), simply demonstrates how strangely monarchic this society is with its readiness to embrace former rulers even if either of them did nothing particularly great to win such a dedication.