Google Driving Directions Available for Armenia


Google introduced driving directions in 111 more countries last week, including Armenia. It gave me quite logical directions for Yerevan, and even better for the route from Yerevan to Gyumri.

Driving directions are still not available for Georgia and Turkey. My attempts to see how could I drive to Batumi, Armenia’s favorite holiday location on the Georgian section of the Black sea failed with Google Earth. So did attempts to get directions for Kars, Mush and Erzrum – my ancestors’ towns.

According to this list I could drive to Iran, no problems there. Driving directions also show the way to Azerbaijan, but I do see some problems, given the little problem ‘which concerns Azerbaijan and Nagorno-Karabakh’, as the US State department puts it.

This is especially good news for owners of GPS enabled smart phones as well as tourists coming to Armenia. Go Google!


2 thoughts on “Google Driving Directions Available for Armenia

  1. Driving directions not available for Georgia, because google completely turn google maps off for Georgia after 2008 war.

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