Traffic Police Incident: Find 10 Mistakes

Traffic police stops a Diaspora Armenian in Yerevan. The classic scenario has an interesting twist – the Diasporan keeps his videocam on, recording the whole incident.

From what I understand of traffic police, both sides make errors. Can you find them?


14 thoughts on “Traffic Police Incident: Find 10 Mistakes

  1. Տենց բան կա՞ որ ոստիկանին ծառայության մեջ իրավունք չունես նկարելու։

  2. В публичном месте можно снимать любого, тем более ментов. Он же не к нему в квартиру зашел. Какая разница снимать на камеру или понятых искать.

  3. It’s good to see someone in armenia standing up to its corrupt police, maybe if more locals stopped acting like sheep and stood up for their rights, armenia wouldn’t be in such backward state.

    • Hrach, in most cases locals don’t act like sheep, and in fact, what this Diasporan is doing, is provoking the police unnecessarily.

  4. “Hrach, in most cases locals don’t act like sheep, a”

    That’s what bribes are for :)

    Cops are sometimes unpleasant to deal with. Ments are a special category by themselves – a thug with the powers of a cop.

  5. 1. the policeman stopped the car in a wrong location blocking the traffic.
    2.the cop should have given a salute and his name as soon as he approached the car.
    3. He should have said why he stopped the car in his 2nd sentence and only then ask for papers.
    4. there is no law forbidding video recording in such situations.
    5. the policeman said he will arrest the driver for arguing. The driver is agitated, the police should have calmed him down by following the law. Not by making threats.
    6. the polciement threatened to break the camera , this is against personal property.
    7. the polcieman started pushing the driver.
    8. Honking is not breaking the law, unless it is done to intimidate other drivers. In this case it was not.
    9. The policement started mocking the driver. Maybe not a breach of law but breach of police ethics.
    10. If being an illiterate is a breach of law then count that one as well. :)

    As for the driver: he had to be calm and wait for police instruction. He started talking to police the first. If he behaved like that in the USA the police would have asked him to shut up and not talk unless talked to. Next would have been asking to step out of the car.
    There are many rogue police everywhere but when you approach them with some respect they calm down and are easy to handle.

    • One more thing to add. The police never said why they stopped. The guy was jumping into conclusion too fast. he should have been calm but well whoever dealt with Armenian police knows why this is the case. They are not always just and thats what makes a person angry.
      I got once in such a situation. I was stopped for a reason not fully convincing. Police was waiting for a bribe but I was not giving. At that time a “VIP” car zipped by very fast. I asked the police why they haven’t stopped that car. Because I was calm and professional they handing back my papers just for a warning. If they didn’t probably I would have got angry and got myself in a trouble.

      • Armenian police dont have proper training. They should go through proper courses, this is for both their and driver sake. The way the police approaches the car is not safe. If it was a gun instead of a camera he could have been killed with a single shot.

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